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Club Poker Takes on the English-Speaking World!

Founded in 2002, Club Poker has long established itself as a veritable institution of French poker and prides itself on hosting the biggest French language online poker forum. The website is now embarking on a new adventure with an English language version!

What you will find on Club Poker:

Poker news

This section has been assigned to Lost Vegas author Pauly Mcguire wo will be covering all the latest news&gossip from the world of poker.

Kevin MacPhee Wins WSOPE Main EventKevin MacPhee defeated David Lopez heads-up to win the WSOPE Main Event Championship in Berlin. On the final day of play at the Spielbank Berlin, MacPhee faded a final table that included JC Alvarado, Lucky Chewy, Kilian Kramer and Felix Bleiker.en.clubpoker.net

Blogs by members

You may enjoy How French poker players speak poker-English.

How French poker players speak poker-English.In this global world, English is the #1 second language - that is, you speak your mother tongue first, then you learn English. For those who are native Engl...en.clubpoker.net


Check out the TV shows& cinema section for a great review of the Mississippi Grind!

Film review: Mississippi GrindNewsFilm Review: Mississippi GrindPoker movies often flounder because they fail to live up to lofty expectations from the audience – both civilians and hardc...en.clubpoker.net

Poker Content

Rules, strategy, dictionary (do you know what ‘Dolly Parton’, 'sailboats' or 'rabbit hunting' refer to in poker slang, by the way?..)

And much more..

History of playing cards - The PokerPick up a deck of cards, crack it open and you'll find 52 cards (plus a couple of Joker cards). Every deck is identical, consisting of four suits with 13 cards in each suit – clubs, diamonds, hearts, and spades – ranging from a deuce through ten, followed by a Jack, Queen, King and Ace.en.clubpoker.net

What poker site to choose? The quiz!Play that quiz, and discover what is the best poker site for you!en.clubpoker.net

Poker moviesPoker is sprinkled throughout pop culture. Just think about how many of your favorite films contain a poker scene... from Havana with Robert Redford to the Parent Trap with Lindsay Lohan and David Mamet's House of Cards. In the late 1800s, poker was associated with an outlaw reputation due to the lawless nature of gambling saloons on the wild west frontier, not to mention Mississippi riverboats that were populated with card sharps and hustlers. For over a half of a century, Hollywood has exploited poker's shadowy origins as a plot device to demonstrate an unsavory element, or to portray the dark side of problem gambling and the underbelly of loansharking.en.clubpoker.net