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Mystery Hand 2.0 - Round 2

Put yourself in @Advoghado’s shoes this week and play the Mystery Hand 2.0.

Every other day until the 27th of July@Advoghado will reveal step by step a hand he has played himself.

Post your analysis on your profile with the hashtag #Mystery55 . .

The 10 most liked analyses by the host of the Mission @advoghado and our team @Annie RKH , @Rémi Rkh and @Elena RKH  will be reviewed by our judge @Lucille Cailly.

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I was playing the online satellite MPNPT Facebook at 32 Red Poker, the prize was tickets to the next stage. We were about an hour into the tournament, playing tight; at my table everyone was playing the same way.

My cards: 5♠5♥

In round 1, pre-flop, I (advoghado32) called from the small blind - 50


Blinds 50/100; pot: 300

The flop: 2♠4♣5♦

Advoghado - check

JAr0o32 - bet 250

eky2 - called 250

advoghado32 [guess what I did]


What do you think I did? What would YOU have done?


It is hard to guess what any player would do without additional information.  First, how deep were both of the other players with respect to the number of BBs? In answering this question I am assuming everyone involved in the hand is very deep as it is the first blind level.  I do not know Advoghado but I am going to guess that he flatted the 250 bet as there was no flush draw but a potential straight draw.

Personally i would have raised to 800 as there was a bet and a call bring the pot to 800.  I would have made this pot sized raise for two reasons.  It is early on in the tournament when people are still deep and a 1/2-3/4 pot raise most likely result in 2 calls which could lessen my equity depending on the turn card.  The main reason for the raise to 800 would be to try to isolate the bettor.  Granted if the bettor calls the other person in the hand could very easily call depending on the holding or if they are floating the flop.  Regardless, I would be trying to build the pot with this raise to maximize the amount of chips I could get with my flopped set.

Very good explanation @Randy Cohen   please, now post the explanation on your personal profile here: http://www.rankinghero.com/Randy.Cohen and use the hashtag #Mystery55