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#HeroScore #TopTen


Long awaited, anticipated "HeroScore" top ten,

done publishing and well wishing our list of famous friends.

From bottom up, right to the top, i'll name the ten that sums it up...

Most influential with credential, i wrote some words down with ma pencil...


At number ten, a slick cool "boss"

Is Jason Mercier, he's our dependable horse...

Then at number nine, for the UK repping

Chris Moorman the beast, is a weapon half-stepping...


I have to pause for a second to take on number eight,

 i think he needs his own page, like pokers "Bill Gates"

Italian fast cars and gold-plated guns

The baller, the caller with rivers of money that runs...

He now owns a GOAT and oils up his beard,

the Greatest Of All Time?, how we all love the wierd.

Bilzerian Dan, i'm sure you all know his name

his swag is so swag, even his toenails got game...


We have the "One Drop" king chilling at number seven,

so alias worthy when he's called "The Magician"

And Patrick Bruel perched at numero six,

Le classement Francais heros est toujours fait de son peu...


Texas Dolly so jolly, jamming at number five,

Were the cowboys still here? While this dudes been alive?

The original boss, from way back in the day

We should all tip our "hats" to this great master i say...


Another old legend, he's forever adored

Terminator Eric, Seidel the Cyborg...

At number four he sits so humble

barely hear the man speaking thru his robotic mumble.


While at number three, we have the one Helmuth "Bratt"

whose as loud as the Sun, but plays even hotter than that...

My all time fave bossing at number two

my main man ,Dan the man, Negreanu

has me dazzled and dazed with his demon soul reads

Eats 'em and beats 'em, spits 'em out like they weeds

He finds 'em an grinds 'em right down into mush

and with a smile on his face and chips you can't touch...


Now a drumroll please, you know he's got the goods

he's like the Tiger Woods, of all these neighbourhoods

Ace on the felt and inspiration to many,

yes he's the other "Phil" that you've seen on the telly

But mighty and pure, in his poker demure

Phil Ivey is King at number One to be sure......

ahah that was good!

Thank you

Poetry again? You're unstoppable man!