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#BOMFT #RoadtoMalta 

Watched a lot of final tables on the telly and it looks a bit of a depressing affair.

So I have gone for people that I think will make it fun.

Seat 1:-Roger Teska. Remember seeing him totally hammered in the PCA, so will keep buying him drinks and be sure of a fun night.


Seat 2:- Jim Carrey, With his range of facial expressions I just want to see his varying poker faces, sure to be some great poker faces from him.

Seat 3:-Robin Williams as Mrs Doubtfire. This covers two aspects, it gets a lady to the table and this guy has always made me laugh.

Seat 4:-Melissa Mccarthy. A real woman who is real funny as well, best of both worlds.

Seat 5:-Vinnie Jones. Just to see his reaction when someone says but it was suited or any similar phrase that explains why they did what they did.

Seat 6:-Johnny Depp as Captain Jack Sparrow. Just from watching the films and see what Jack will do to get what he wants, lets see what antics he would do to win the game.

Seat 7:-Liv Boeree. No explanation needed.

Seat 8:-Jessica Rabbit. No chance with seat 7 so would try my luck with a cartoon hot female(you never know she might not be fussy)

Seat 9:- Me. I got all these great people together so I am not missing out on this.

Jim Carrey hoohooo, this sounds interesting. I bet on him