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#RoadtoMalta and #BOMFT

My dream Final table.

1: Erik Seidel - A genius in poker who has moved with the times. Won't say much but it would be a pleasure to watch him play live.

Erik Seidel - A legend and genius of poker.


2: Vicky Coren - Good player, beautiful, chatty and a brilliant spokesperson for poker. My #1 poker crush! Haha

3: Vanessa Selbst - One of the best tournament players around. Her aggressive style will make for plenty of action at the table.

4: Nathan "BlackRain79" Williams - Microstakes king. His books and articles have helped many a struggling player at the micro stakes including myself.

5: Phil Ivey - No explanation needed!

6: Jennifer Tilly - Funny, wild and will liven the table talk up. She can wear that too if she wants!!!

7: Daniel Negreanu - Another legend of poker. Great ambassador for poker. Got to invite Kid Poker.

8: Jennifer Shahade - Not only crushes poker but chess too! A great intelligent mind and I do prefer to have a few good looking female faces at my table rather than the sausage fest some others like! Haha

9: Me - Microstakes whale, regularly paying off the nuts with 3rd pair!

 GL being on that table 

haha smart guy but i guess in that table u would be paying to much attencion to your cards :P