Trym Xcaesar Sivesindtaajet

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Trym Xcaesar Sivesindtaajet

is an emerging poker dilettante who contributes often

Poker Score: 627

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About Trym Xcaesar Sivesindtaajet


Trym was born in Lillehammer, Norway the 16th December 1996. He learned to play five card draw poker from his grandmother when he was five years old, and Texas hold'em from his stepfather when he was six and fell in love with the game. 18 years old, in 2015, he went to Dublin, Ireland, to play the Norwegian championship of poker. There he won Event 10: 70€ NLHE Turbo with a total price of 1,017$. Later that year the first legal poker tourney in Norway took place. There were a total of 600 entries, with a buy in of 1500NOK and he came 18th. Now he studies Musical Theather and only plays poker recreational. 

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Rank: 1
Event 10: 70€ NLHE Turbo
Mar 22, 2015
Tournament Results
No Limit Hold'em
Thon Hotel Oslo Airport
Oct 10, 2015



18 / 600

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12 Oct 2015
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Well played, Trym Xcaesar Sivesindtaajet! Your 18th place finish in the No Limit Hold'em event on Oct 10, 2015 at Thon Hotel Oslo Airport added 5,000NOK to your total earnings!
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18th place of 600 total in the first legal norwegian championship of poker in Norway.