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#OOPS365 #Part1 

Damn it Ray!!! Your always getting me into trouble and your not even here!!! Just like that time I was rescued by the Greek coast guard after joining you in a motorised dingy for a zip along the beach only to run out of fuel, then drift into Turkish waters. Towed back by angry Greek coast guard to a barrage of abuse in Greek. I can make the only occasional swear word out, then I reply "it's all Greek to me!"

Now I'm finding myself in a lost in translation moment and Ray you ain't even here to blame. I'm staring at 75h semi connectors and I need to make a mandatory raise. Blinds are 200/400 and it's been raised to 1200. From here I'm just going to min raise to 2000 maybe my protest would be detected as some kinda bluff disguising a monster hand or will they smell the weakness as the raise was mandatory anyway. The min raise will allow me to see if these two opponents will re raise or call. Leaves me with several options here. If a re raise comes in the pot build may be worth the call as I'm already in for 2k at this point and who knows could flop the world. Or they just call suspicious of my non existent friend Ray as some sort of angle shoot and we go to the flop. However my concern was the 3x raise from early position plus the call which is indicative of a strong starting hands. Time will tell and this could yet be turned into an advantage.

I then proceed to Facebook and tweet Ray telling him he owes me at least 2K to a frantic reply of "WHAT THE **** FOR (I should mention the Greek story is actually true. Ray has been substituted to protect my mates identity)