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Max Guiot

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Max Guiot

is a striving poker amateur and great contributor

Poker Score: 350

Popularity: 38,476

Contribution: 52,819

Fancy Dresser
Infinite Patience
Fair Play
Soul Reader
About Max Guiot


Sometimes songs introduce yourself better than you can do...

Влизаш много бавно, но и гледаш жадно -
с тази походка страшен си ти! (Нали?)
Правиш се небрежен, но супер смешен
за мене ти си в моите очи!
Готов ли си да чуеш две-три думички?
Много ще са мили, но ще те боли!
Най-добрият си, най-голям ли си?
Не! Объркал си!

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Project Manager,
since Nov 2013

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Online RoomStatusLevel and Game
1,106,766 XP (LVL 12)

Best club results

25 Poi.

Rank: 3 / 5
RKH HomeGame W11 2015
Mar 13, 2015
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Congratulations to Max Guiot for finishing 3rd and earning 25 Points in the RKH HomeGame W11 2015 tournament!