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All here at Rankinghero would like to congratulate our BoM champion mr banzai himself Mark Duguid 


QUADZILLA : Did u think at the start any of this would be even possible to beat such a strong field an come away victorius in front of friends an family 

MD: I have always believed in my game an on my day think i can beat just about anyone except REDLACw1 of course , my mentor an hero .

QUADZILLA : LOL so are u dedicating your win to redlacw1 then ?

MD: yeah shouts out to the BATMAN hhha

QUADZILLA :Is there any extravagant purchases u will be thinking of having ?

MD: Well i am going to buy a ferrari an drive it into a swimming pool always wanted to do that lol 

QUADZILLA: sounds good , will you be coming back next year to defend your title ?

MD: Of course an i will be bringing the whole ace-high poker team next year so the rail will be even more loud an excitable for sure 

QUADZILLA: just a couple more questions before you get mobbed by fans an friends an whisked away to party an celebrate your sucess here today , what is the single most important piece of advice u can give to poker players travelling abroad looking to capture their first trophy ?

MD: Just go for it dont hold back have no regrets an have a plan an stick to it oh an have the great support i had from Ace-High Poker Group and from the wonderful team at rankinghero .

QUADZILLA: And finally what was the hand that won it for you ?

MD: No surprises for guessing this part i had 79 spades an insta jammed on my opponent who snapped me off with big slick ace-king suited diamonds which obviously i wasnt thrilled at seeing but wasnt worried as i know the power of 79 spades an sure enough i just flop him dead no sweat nothing just casually flop a staright flush of 8 ten jack spades an that was it game over we gotta NEW champion an his name is BANZAI AKA MARK DUGUID THE BoM WINNER 2015