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The WSOP Guessing Game - Question 5

The rules are simple:

Every day of the Main Event, we ask a new question.

You have 24 hours to post your prediction on your RankingHero page with the right hashtags.

On July 16th, we will post the final leaderboard and reward the top 10 guessers and 10 randomly drawn participants with RankingHero goodies!

How you earn points in the WSOP Guessing Game:

10 points for a correct answer, with up to 50 points for guessing the EXACT answer to some of the questions!

1 bonus point per every 10 likes for your prediction!

1 bonus point for each friend you invite to RankingHero and who tags you in their forecast post.

one answer only per entrant per question


Question 5

RankingHero recently launched its innovative three-dimensional ranking which aims to measure popularity and contribution in addition to online&live results. It is equally unique in combining objective data and community input. The list of top influencers is constantly evolving as players add achievements and members of the community endorse them. That is why we ask you to use the current HeroScore (as of July 9) to make your prediction:


Will there be a HeroScore Top 20 influencer among the November Nine?


Post your YES or NO on your RankingHero page with the hashtags #WSOPguess and #guess5  



A correct answer will earn 10 points.

You will not be able to score points with your answers after the next question is posted but likes will count throughout the Guessing Game (1 bonus point for every 10 likes)!

i win