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Battle of Malta High Roller: Filatov, Moschitta and Stephensen are in!

Malta. Saturday, 7 November. 9pm.


"The best player at the table has all the chips!" French pro @Fabrice Soulier, registered in the NLHE Grandmaster High Roller, just saw a big pile of chips going to the stack of the Italian  @Luca Moschitta.

Luca Moschitta, in the middle, chilling.


This High Roller, planned to last 2 days, began at 6pm, only 20 meters away from the Main Event.

At dinner break, Fabrice still has the starting stack. However, he doesn't really understand why they have to take a dinner break only 2 hours after the tournament started.

Scrutinizing the dealer. Does he try to find a tell on her to have a better read on the deck ?


One table away, the November Nine @Felix Vincent Stephensen, is in too. Not really focused, he seems more interested in another game: Stoke City - Chelsea.

" It's MY screen, ok? Stop looking at MY screen. "


Also in, @Anatoly Filatov.

(Photo: PokerListings)


Home-made chipcount tomorrow, during Day 2.


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