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Battle of Malta - Kat Arnsby in action!

Battle of Malta. Thursday 5 november. Day 1B. 


The RKH qualifier, @Kat Arnsby, is quite a colorful character. I’ve known her for 24 hours and I’ve never heard so many words in my life.


She’s friendly, talkative, easy on people and, as you know by now, she’s a terrific singer!

Yellow and pink, with horns. You can't not not notice her


At a poker table, she’s just the same. She talks a lot, befriends her neighbour and wears… colorful clothes.


When I arrive at her table, I see a board with 2 jacks and a big pile in front of her. Her opponent pays and she shows trips of jacks. “I always have it”, she says, smilling. “This guy is charming but I don’t want him to get my chips”. Her table is going to have some fun today. So does she, since she grew her stack up to 42 000 chips before the diner break.


Kat and her new friends.


This attitude (and clothes ) get her spotted by Doug, a Pokerlistings reporter. On the break, little interview of our Hero of the day! She’s a very efficient RKH ambassador ;)



This is the occasion to show you the cigarette break terrace.



And the view from it.



Lovely, isn’t it?


To be sure not to miss any update, follow the hashtag #BoMRKH2015


call me a heathen ......but that ain't exactly "a View"

Most smoking areas are by the bins, that's a view in my book! 

'Beauty is the eye of the beholder' ;)

 "I’ve known her for 24 hours and I’ve never heard so many words in my life." 

i continued laughing throughout the rest of the report, very cool.

and @Kat Arnsby: