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Arrival in Malta: “Enjoy your holidays!”


Whatever your destination, if you arrive by plane you’ll not only have a different view of the place but - most of the time - a magical view of it.

‘Malta by plane’ was no exception. A gorgeous sun-soaked Mediterranean green-blue-ochre patchwork with low, flat-roof houses and no concrete in sight.



A mix between Provence, North Africa and Greece. Considering the location of the island, nothing surprising, of course. Just a little bit unexpected.

And magical.


I let you use your imagination to picture it (mainly because my photos are really bad so far  ).


My office for the coming week.


Yesterday, before leaving the office, a colleague saw me off with a mocking “Enjoy your holidays!”. Classic when someone leaves on a working trip. So I just answered, “Thanks, you too”, without even realizing I made absolutely no sense - my mind was on the tough assignment ahead. I’m here to do coverage.

Meaning hard work, long days and late nights, even on weekends.

But this sun, this blue sea and those palm trees… Looks like I’ll enjoy this working trip as if it were a holiday indeed!



For more info about Battle of Malta, here is an interview of @Ivonne Montealegre Oviedo, tournament director of BoM, made in May by @Annie RKH:


RKH Interview: TD Ivonne Montealegre Promises Fantastic Poker Holiday with Battle of Malta! - Ranking HeroIn 2011 Ivonne Montealegre took the concept of a ‘poker holiday’ in Malta to PokerListings and together they have since been writing the record-smashing success story of The Battle of Malta. Ivonne herself comes from Costa Rica and features in the RKH database with a cash in 2014 LAPT Chile. Though she is not a pro player herself, she does ‘play professionally’ in another sense - to collect experience and ideas, to analyze, and take the best of what’s on offer in the live circuit in order to incorporate it in the events she creates herself as tournament director.www.rankinghero.com



Work hard,

Party hard !

 and enjoy your last warm rays of sun of the year