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RankingHero Interview: Argentina's Number One, Nacho Barbero

Jose Ignacio Barbero
19 Aug 2015
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Two-time LAPT champion @Jose Ignacio Barbero is one of Latin America's most popular and successful pros - both online and live. The former PokerStars Team Pro and now ambassador of Aconcagua Poker... Read more

Mission UnibetBubble - RESULTS!

8 Jul 2015
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Hello All! Sorry for the delay! Our judge @Nicolas Levi has been very busy with a gaming convention in Amsterdam. He is now in Barcelona (yes, life’s not easy for former poker pros), but once... Read more

Mission UnibetBubble is now over!

1 Jul 2015
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Dear Heroes, Thank you all for participating!   There are €1,500 to distribute in this mission, so there will be a lot of winners ;) First, the 10 finalists are : @William... Read more

Mission UnibetBubble on RKH - €1,500

17 Jun 2015
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Welcome to this new Unibet mission! Every 2 days until the 30th of June, a new poker question will be asked.    #UnibetBubble #Decision1    Imagine: You are close to the bubble in the Unibet... Read more

"We Are Facebook on Steroids for Poker"

Annie RKH
19 May 2015
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@Nicolas Levi talks to @Lee Davy about #HeroScore and RankingHero.com! Tell me about Hero Score. “All sports have their industry ranking such as the PGA, and they are very good in terms of an... Read more
Ina Rkh
6 May 2015
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Follow the latest poker winners on RKH and stay updated with their results !Hot EPT results coming in! @Dan Smith just finished first in € 5,000 + 200 NLHE - Midnight Hyperturbo, taking... Read more
Mark Duguid
27 Apr 2015
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Happy Birthday !!  Have an amazing day from everyone  @Ace-High Poker Group     @Elena RKH    Read more

RKH CUP on Partypoker!

Ina Rkh
24 Mar 2015
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The online room @PartyPoker.com welcomes RankingHero for a special Cup for RankingHero members, beginning the 26th of March! $2,000 prize pool!   Every week, from March the 26th to May the 14th,... Read more
Nicolas Levi
12 Mar 2015
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Currently alpha testing the next update of RankingHero. Soooo excited! #morethanmoney Read more

'Casinos always considered poker like a doorstep child' Part II, Jack McClelland Interview

Nicolas Levi
11 Mar 2015
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In Part I of the interview long-time tournament director, @Bellagio legend, and 2014 Poker Hall of Fame inductee @Jack McClelland talked about the 'perfect storm', the rise of televised poker and... Read more