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Nice one!!! GL!!!


GL Mark !!!!

Thanks Ina and thank you for joining Ace High poker page on Facebook. Hopefully I can get more involved on here :) 

  You will ! Sure !!! 


go on marky get it won an get hpritp

Go mark!

nice my friend

Thanks everyone

Good luck Mark


Thanks Ben :)

Everyone that can see this PLEASE CLICK LIKE ! A♠ 

Thanks @Papa of Poker  


all thats left to do is like the pic :P



@HitmanHarvey thanks Capo !! much appreciated.. I want popcorn now !!

YW Sir!!

Jeez another Distraction now, lol!!
GLGL Mark!!

Gwan HitSquaddie!!!

Sitting 1st at moment but nothing is secure could do with the team behind me on this one @HitmanHarvey 

Doing it for Hitsquad #scotsquadontour

good luck mark

ty @churchy18  big help if you could click the lke button :)

lol thought i had ..ah well done now lol good luck


Good luck mark xxx 

Thanks sis 

Good luck mate 

Sweet GL mate !

GL Sir!

Thank you steve :) 


good luck!!

good luck mark. elizabeth

Thanks so much. :D 

The Winner of The Contest is ... 

There is still time. Im doing everything to win it @Jason Matthieu #Dedicated #playtowin 

Good luck mark from jacky and william :)

Thank you Jacky :D 

Best of luck mark x


Thanks Sher x


Thanks Tasha xx

Thank you to the people who have recently liked this post. @DarkKing1 @Ryan Loving @Sir Johnson @Probably me @Queen B @Tonny Fold @Wayne Rideout and @danielle . Thanks