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Published by @Annie RKH, March 26th:


“Playing against the best players raises your own level of play. I learn the most when I am put in challenging situations, the way I am against really good players.”

Born on October 1, 1984, @Gillian Epp grew up in a small town in the Canadian Rockies. In high school,   she was the only girl in a competitive soccer league. No wonder she later chose a career in another competitive and traditionally male-dominated field!

After high school, Gillian tried and quickly lost interest in pursuing university studies so she went to India and studied yoga instead. At the age of 19, Gillian came back to Canada with a new passion - she had discovered poker!

Gillian took a job as a dealer in a local casino, all while practicing online and reading up on the fundamentals of poker.

Dealing can be very tedious if the players aren't entertaining you. But that down time is a great opportunity to learn and study hands and players. If I wasn’t chatting with the players then I was defiantly analyzing what was happening in the game. (TitanPoker)

After a while she realized she could make more money playing than dealing and took to live cash games. She has since established herself as a professional high-stakes cash game player and occasionally plays tournaments as well.

I don’t play many tournaments because I don’t like the long hours, big swings and heart break that comes with tournament poker. But even cash players dream of winning the WSOP Main Event! (PokerPinUps)

Photos: http://www.gillianepp.com

Gillian Epp was part of the IveyPoker Team (Phil Ivey's free training platform closed in late 2014 but Ivey League is up and running) and was the live host for the 2014 Canadian Poker Tour @Grey Eagle Casino

Every summer she spends at least a month in Las Vegas where she is one of the pros casting their nets at the cash game tables in the fish-swarming WSOP season :)

Some of my favorite hands have been against celebrities, because they make me laugh and remember that poker is a game and games are fun. (WomanOfPoker)

That is exactly how we feel here on RankingHero.com and we are happy to have Gillian Epp among us!


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