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Mystery55 - The results


Hi all!


Congratulations to you all! It was not easy to choose, but the winners are..

1st :  @Keith 

You win a RKH T-shirt!


2nd: @online2014 

You win a RKH deckof cards!


3rd: @Bnasp 

You win a RKH patch!


And of course, thank you @Advoghado for hosting this mission!

You win a RKH deck of cards!



Here is my analysis of the hand:

In a professional tournament, my sizings would be different. I take into great consideration the amateur level of this tournament.


Pre Flop

If we were in position, I would definitely raise here. But being in the small blind, I don’t have a problem with limping, to be honest. Especially since a player who limps instead of raising is more likely to call a raise, especially while being in position.
On the other hand, he shows a lot of weakness and might easily give up the flop since he has less than 40 bb and we showed a lot of strength by raising preflop oop.

I would raise here, probably 350. Mostly to not undergo the hand.



Pot: 300

Now that we just called, I really want to take control over the hand, for three reasons:.

-it’s a great catch but the flop is still dangerous.

-too often, the two players will check back with hands they’d call a bet with.

-I want to get value out of the drawing hands, lower sets and overpairs

So I would lead here.

Now, advoghado32 chose to check. In such a scenario, I would definitely check raise.

I feel they are likely to pay a lot with decent draws so I would raise as high as 950.



(I know it’s not asked but I still have something to say about it)

Pot: 1550

I would bet the turn. You have a really strong hand and you need to make the pot bigger. I would not bet too much though since we really still want him to call with a draw or whatever hand he’d feel could have a chance here. We fear virtually nothing and we don’t want to scare him away.

I would bet something like 850. That still gives us the possibility to take his entire stack on the river if he hits a draw.




Pot: 1550

Now this is a great card. His stack is bigger than the pot though. Shoving would a clear overbet.

I could like this option since it’s coherent with our previous action. He’ll most likely think that we were drawing ourselves and that we just hit. He will fold all of his hands that are not straights no matter what is our bet so we better get the most value from those (straights).

BUT he clearly still can have a 5 high straight, here, the way we played the hand, and a shove will make him fold that. So I would bet a bit ¾ of the pot for him to call with A-5 straight. Loads of players will 3 bet shove 67 here.

I don’t think betting smaller will ever lead him to bluff or to call with something weaker than a straight, on that board.

So bet 1050 or so.


Once again congratulations to you all! It's been a real pleasure to read your posts.


And see you soon on RKH


Thank You! congrats to the other winners and Thank you @Lucille Cailly for the analyses.


Congrats all you winners

Congrats winners!


I'll send you your goodies very soon!
@Keith attention :) you T-shirt is coming a bit latter - in september, but I won't forget to send it

PLS send me your size!

Congratulations to all the winners and Thanks to everyone who participated and like my posts, sorry if I was not very clear. Special thanks to @Elena RKH for help  me @RKH  for the opportunity and of course @Lucille Cailly to do the hand analysis, very useful