Pedro Canali

Finished the editing of my latest photo assignment: Photoshoot of the @RankingHero team. Which included a poker masterclass by @Pedro Canali given to the team. One of the rarest hands that came out that day: 3♠ 3♣ 3♥ 3♦ 

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I've got one more person to introduce today, please give a warm welcome to @Nick RKH that will help us improve #RankingHero everyday!


Be it through freeskiing, skeleton or streetluging, @Nick RKH has learned to play high stakes (with his own health) from a very early age. He mainly spent the last decade managing sports or arty events and working for fine spirits companies and sport organizations in Switzerland and Central Europe. He's come to poker by helping friends setting up small tournaments around the Geneva Lake and supporting the growing live scene in the area at that time.

Lived in: Haiti, Switzerland, Turkey, Bulgaria
Loves: few things, but passionately.
Would rather have Internet than: having to meet dumb people in real life.
Hates: idiots.
Good at: going fast.
Bad at: slowing down.
In poker: Karma Chameleon.
Studied: Political Sciences, plus some Sport And Project Management.
Worked in: Alternative Sports, Fine Spirits, Art and Music Events.

Welcome on board A♠ 

Je suis fier de vous présenter les nouveaux venus de l'équipe #RankingHero 

Honneur aux femmes, mesdames et messieurs, @Annie RKH 

Passionnée par les jeux et les joueurs, @Annie RKH est fan de trivia et d'anecdotes sur le cinéma. Ses trois enfants dont elle est tres fière on appris le poker entre 3 et 5 ans... ce qui en dit long sur sa vie de famille et sa perception du poker comme outil éducatif! 

Annie RKH
A vécu: Cuba, Suède, France, Canada, Autriche, Bulgarie
Aime: Cinéma, psychologie, langues, jeux d'esprits 
Préfere avoir internet que: le chauffage central et l'eau chaude
Déteste: les trolls
Bonne pour: ses mauvaise habitudes 
Faible pour: ce qui demande une grosse volonté et de l'organisation
Au poker: loose non-aggressive calling station, aime le poker social et amateur
Etudes : Anglais à Paris (Master’s in Applied Linguistics)
CV : Marketing & Publicité, Jeux en ligne, Media Internet.

@Manuel Bevand using RankingHero to prepare his tournament. (minute:1:20)

Épisode 3/7 - Dans la tête d'un pro - Prague 2013 by winamax

Great to see a Player enjoying our work . Thank you

Thank you also to @Team Winamax for this great video.



Excellent :)


British poker update: #EPTLive is on in Deauville and 3 brits @Oliver Price @Eli Heath and @Cheung Tai Law are in the last 5 battling to take down #EPTDeauville !!!

Meanwhile follow our top ranked british members on RankingHero!
@Neil Channing @Julian Thew @Roberto Romanello @Toby Lewis @Craig McCorkell 



Followed :) nice pic btw