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Two exciting news for 2+2 members

Hi all, if you are a member of twoplustwo, the largest poker forum, I have two cool news for you:

  1. You can now enter your 2+2 info in your "about" page, and your posts will be taking into account in the HeroScore (allow 24h for the ranking to refresh)
  2. We've opened an official thread on 2+2 where we'll be posting regular updates and 2+2 rankings. We need your help to spread the word, check it out here

The official press release will be posted shortly, in the meantime, enjoy!

some clearer instructions for those people who struggle to find it.

click on your name on the top right of this page, then in the hero score part on the left of the new page , click on the more link, then at the top of the next page in the middle you will see "add social accounts" , click on that and you will see an option to add your 2+2 account.


Cool. Thanks for adding this feature!