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No poker last night. Met up with friends and watched American Sniper. Hitting the cash tables, going to try and add a few more tables tonight.

Unibet seems to be have connection issues so going to play mtt's on Full Tilt.


Tried Unibet again. Got a good session in but the connectivity issue has seemed to reoccur disconnecting the majority of players.

There servers are based in norway to it's maybe weather related. We've been getting storms up in Northern Ireland. So Norway proberbly has 10x worst

hey @Milo Stynes sad but true..things like that are so connected to the weather. Thanks for informing us. So, after all what happened?

Mh yeah, what happened in the end :) ?

I played some mtt's and sit'n'go's on full tilt.

I went back on unibet later once the issues had been fixed and increased the number of tables to 8. Despite the issues I made $28. I had a number of hands where the opponent did small 1/4 pot bets up untill the river then shoved. The board either contained a busted flush or straight draw so I ended up calling some very large bluffs and winning the pot.

 GG !!!!!!!!