Deuces 8
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late night grind, can't wait

So how did it go?


Lets see ....

I will take some time to think. This may be bluff, I need to put some pressure on the guy..

Its clear. He insane. I go all in..
AND I WIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



 niiice :)

I play poker, because... weeeell..because I just can't stop !!! #MoreThanMoney 

I believe thats me

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@Ina RKH can I have some help here?

Of course. The author is Friedrich Nietzsche 

its not how hard you can hit . its how hard you can be hit an stay standing .... .. its not the size of the dog in the fight but the size of the FIGHT in the dog . aspire to inspire before you expire 


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hey A♠ high says hi 

How u doin guys? (and girl) :D


There we go :)

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Artistic :)

Wowwww thats giantic

nice :D look me

@Ina .. Just did this. Hope your team gonna like it ;) :D


@Deuces 8 ahahh yep, we like it really  And we really wish it was you who did this  Lets build our house of cards on trust! Next time please try with reading the rules more carefulHere.

nice to meet u

hi, hi.


Good morning from Great London.

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@Ina I saw you already won ? Or you are going to do it all day


haaahahaaahaaa @Ina  GG !