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Pro Bet

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I would say B

its so cold i haven't been out for days now

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Where are you living Pro Bet ?

been in Moscow.. crazy winter here!!!

cold snap here in scotland also doubt its as bad as russia tho ul pro bet 

did you click the Tags to see what im talking about mate?? SICKEST run of card I have ever seen hahahaa!! #colddeck #SoulCrusher89  dont know what else to say lmao !!

What a bad beat I just had................

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A♠ A♦ ?

Ok, if we are guessing... I would say 7♣ J♠ ?

You are all wrong :D I go pair of KK, thats why I call it Bad BEAT! I did not expected that. ..., saaaaaaddd

GOGOGOGOGOGO @Martin Jacobson 

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no exuses

I wanted @William Pappaconstantinou to win! Now I am really sad 

for everybody....my fav. won!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!