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This is what I call a Bad Beat lol

I hold Q♠ 10♠ small blind  and Lucky holds J♣ A♣  from 1k/2k blinds I raise to 25k he then reraises me 50K. I reraise again to 100K preflop could have been a loose move but I felt good to have such a nice hand for a small blind. Flop comes J♠ K♠ A♠ Poker Gods have blessed me with a beautiful flop it was unreal after a horrible bad streak Ive been having lately I throw in a bet of 100k and he calls 4th street comes K♣ and I check so does he 5th street is 7♦  and I go ALL IN . Confusing Lucky of my play he puts me on A-J, A-7 and even a weak flush so after a good 10 minutes of hard thinking and reading he finally puts me on kicker problems trying to bluff him out he calls my all in bet with 310k. He turns over A-J Thus beating him with my first Royal Flush. I know if I continue to make plays like this one I will be going far.  

Just INSANE! I Put her on Kicker Problems when i actually desited to call her after 15-20 mins for the tournament Life LOL

GG to you both  "I know if I continue to make plays like this one I will be going far." tell us more about your future plans, any live performances? 

Yes Im actually making plans in to either hit the WSOP circuit in the Horshoe Casino in March or the Borgata Winter Open in Jan 2015.      2015 is going to be my year 

Well, that sounds nice. Do you have any sponsors already?

no I dont actually I wish I did Im looking to play in the 2015 WSOP circuit in the Horshoe Casino in Cincinnatti OH 03/15 and 2015- 2016 WSOP main event cross my fingers  Looking to be the first female in the final Table for the WSOP main event