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a. sounds like one of the girls in Friends

b. Val Kilmer in Tombstone

d. someone in Ocean's 11

c. too intellectual for any of the former; by exclusion, it would have to be Paul Newman or the 5th movie which I don't recognize; my guess is The Sting

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What's a top best or worst list without Phil Hellmuth in it?..


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"He only plays pocket quads?!!" lol


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Will have what Davidi Kitai is having, thank you very much!

Wouldn't mind having whatever #superpower enabled the Queen-high call by @Davidi Kitai 


Davidi Kitai at Final Table in WSOP Event 15 - Ranking HeroThe Belgian triple crown winner (one of only five in the world) is the chip leader on the three-way final table in #wsop15 No-Limit Hold'em Six Handed. In one of those rare poker moments that always rekindle our passion for the game @Davidi Kitai made a crazy call with queen high:www.rankinghero.com

The Four Best Poker Hands of the Year - Ranking HeroFor the first time this year @Bluff Europe presents a new category in The British Poker Awards - fans are invited to vote for their favorite poker hand. The selection is great and seems to have it all: from heartbreaking whims of chance to cold-hearted skill, through heart-throbbing suspense - you guessed it, poker is definitely not for the faint-hearted :)www.rankinghero.com

#morethanmoney :"I’ve played poker for more than 10 years now and I had to find a different goal from just making money. I think this is really important for every regular, high-frequency player.
So I said to myself: What I want to achieve is being number one in the GPI for at least one week. Since I set up this goal I feel that I play more regularly and more ambitious than before.
Every result is important now. It makes me sharp and dangerous" (Davidi Kitai in PokerListings interview)

Poker Pro Turned Entrepreneur and Politician Tony G Gets Married

PokerNews, Let the Celebration Begin: @Antanas 'Tony G' Guoga Gets Married in Vilnius


congratulations ! :)

F5Poker: Man Stabs Friend in Home Game Feud





Victoria Coren Mitchell about Andy Murray, Kylie Minogue, poker, and trying to concentrate

The only two-time EPT Main Event winner in history, @Victoria Coren Mitchell:

"..One of my best poker results came after I popped home during a break to put the bins out, got stuck indoors and had to call an emergency locksmith.."




Fun Quiz: Have You Got What It Takes to Win the WSOP Main Event?

Players: 10 
Blinds: 200/400/a50 
Your stack: 57,500 
Your hand: Q♥ Q♣ 

It’s the last hand of Day 1 and you’ve got an average stack. You get dealt Q♥ Q♣ on the button. The UTG player – the aggressive table chip leader with 103k – raises to 1k and a tight inexperienced player with 50k in mid-position groans as he sees his cards and calls saying, ‘Why did you have to deal me this?’ What should you do?

  1. Call
  2. Fold
  3. Raise to 4,000
  4. Move all-in

Take the full quiz here(and share how you did :)


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 ROFL ! 

funny challenge 

Borgata Counters Phil Ivey Motion to Dismiss Edge Sorting Lawsuit


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