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How we all feeling on this Monday? i think monday should be part of the weekend, or at least start work later on a monday :) am i the only person that thinks this? lol

On another note

Been getting ALOT of bad beats on pokerstars, i dont want to think its rigged but this makes me think twice :/ - http://ow.ly/BLEcK

What do you guys think?

 it was a holiday for the bulgarians :P

Good afternoon :D

Good morning :P 

Happy Tuesday :D

Do you think @PokerStars is rigged?? Watch the video from behind the scenes and tell us what you think in the comments.... http://ow.ly/B4Oyi

Goood Morning :)
How was your evening? This was my night.....Rock and roll

Seems like you're having quite a lot of fun ;). Where was that ?

My bands gig on Wednesday :) #StageSelfie :P

Many people on here from Greater Manchester?
Or local and need a AWESOME plan for wednesday night also its FREE let me know :P

#Awesome #Free #Music

On a side note, we are extending our Facebook group please come and join in - https://www.facebook.com/groups/202076683335280/?fref=nf

not form Greater Mancheter....but I like your group

Thanks :) 

Who likes winning prizes from #Freerolls?

upto 200 friends on My Poker Pal :)

thinking I might have to offer a prize to my 420th friend hahah :)


Very quite day over here today, been 3 other posts since my morning post :/ weird not chatting to peopl eon here hahahah

Hope alll is good