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About mypokerbuddys


I started a poker forum in June 2014 called MyPokerBuddys. We have a growing community with discussion boards,news and competitions.

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15 Jul 2014
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Result from Last nights MicroMillions Freeroll

Well done the top two

Next Freeroll Tonight.

MyPokerBuddys MicroMillions

VGG ! And good luck to the participants tonight :)

Our First Freeroll is tonight for our Pokerstars MicroMillions series..Eventual winner gets entry to the Main Event ($22)

All members of RKH are welcome to play.

Full Details Here: MyPokerBuddys MicroMillions

GL to you and to all participants ! :) 

Well to tonight wasn't great, Maybe tomorrow will be better !

Did you play poker last night ?  GL today :)   

Hi All

We are a Poker Forum that started in June 2014 so we are very new. Our following is growing steadily and we have a wide range of topics and our focus is towards new players to the game. So i hope we can work closely with Ranking Hero to help each other grow.

We run lots of Freerolls and currently we have a series of Freeroll's in our Pokerstars Home Games Club where the eventual winner will gain entry into the Pokerstars MicoMillions Main Event Finale.

All the sign up details are in our MicroMillions Thread at: mypokerbuddys micromillions. so if you want to play in the event you will be more than welcome.

Good Luck


Welcome on RankingHero ! :) Thank you for this presentation