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Hey #Poker players,

I have a question for you :

Is it a problem to find new live poker player (in your city) for your #home games ??

I am listening to your answer


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I don't speak french but maybe there is a similar site in english too

@ElenaRKH for campok it's a cool idea but i only tested campok one time after midnight and there were nobody connected to play with  but i will retry it.

@edora the goal is to find new players at the same level to improve your game and your tells readings

@MikeRoss if you have an url ?

For the moment, i have nobody who wants to suscribe, and if ican't find players who wants to meet other players, i won't develop the service because there is no demand. Maybe, i will try other channels to find those live players that are aware...

I need to find live poker players to make interview to know if they really want this service, or if just playing between friend and in associative club is enough for them

twitter : @magiknono

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Tu peux le lier facilement à ton RKH profil  pour pouvoir importer/exporter tous tes posts :)
Retrouve le tutoriel ici:   http://www.rankinghero.com/fr/static/tutorials/blog.html#creating 

OK, merci. Mais je ne sais pas si je vais le lier car je ne parle pas spécialement Poker sur twitter mais plutot #innovation #startup #informatique #socialmedia ...

:) je comprends - tu es un homme avec beaucoup d'hobbies :) 

Hello, i'm new on RankingHero.

I hope to find great articles and advices from great players to improve my poker game.

I'm only playing online on Winamax and pokerstars.

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Thanks !!! :)

You'll find great strategy articles on the pages of @Renaud Desferet @Adam Levy and @Lucille Cailly and this one by @Pedro Canali is a great read to get you in the mood for #wsop14 :)

Las Vegas en couleur

And pls don't forget to share interesting links with us! 

Welcome !