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Be Our Action Hero and Make the Right Moves!

RankingHero welcomes all of our non French speaking members to the #ActionHero Mission! This time it's all about strategy and decision making!

Click to play Round 4!

Step by step, we will reveal a real tournament hand from 2008 EPT Sanremo.

Put yourself in the place of our Mystery Hero. Decide your course of action
Become our #ActionHero !

Explain each move you make. At the end of the mission, FIVE contributors will be rewarded by our special judge - the Mystery Hero! There will be a bonus question about his/her identity, so watch out for any clues we might give in the mission posts :)

We are happy to be joined by @TPTK  - the hot brand for poker-themed T-shirts and accessories - in the #ActionHero Mission and the authors of the best answers will be even happier when they get their great prizes!

Mission Schedule and Prizes:

1st stage: Thursday, Dec 11

2nd stage: Saturday, Dec 13

3rd stage: Monday, Dec 15

4th stage: Wednesday, Dec 17

Conclusion: Friday, Dec 19
The Judge will reveal his/her identity,
review the full hand & reward the best answers!

NB! Post your answers in the comments below each Mission post.
The Judge will only consider your first answer and no editing is allowed!

TPTK Prizes

(click on each item to see it in the TPTK online store)

Two €120 lots

1 Travel bag
1 T-shirt 
52-card poker deck 

Two €90 lots

1 Backpack 
1 T-shirt

One €80 lot:

- 1 Scarf 


Happy strategizing, everyone!


great news ok... I'm going for that !