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2014 November Niner Jorryt van Hoof Bio and Poker Profile

The man who is the current sports betting 3-to-1 favorite to win the WSOP 2014 Main Event is not a live tournament player but a PLO online cash-game specialist. @Jorryt Van Hoof describes himself as ‘poker pro, entrepreneur, and quantified-self enthusiast’. In addition to the Dutch poker community, his rail is likely to include Magic:The Gathering aficionados since this game was his first passion in his teens! His brand-new visiting card now also includes the title of Ambassador for the Dutch @Master Classics of Poker.

Two years ago I started playing Pot Limit Omaha. The process of learning a new game really sparked a new motivation in me and I think this has helped me improve my overall game and make this year’s WSOP final table.” (nutblocker.com)

Jorryt was born on November 15, 1982. His hometown Eindhoven was named most intelligent community’ in 2011 and is the biggest city in the Netherlands province of North Brabant.

He started playing Magic:The Gathering in his early teens and by the age of 16 was in business as co-owner of a MtG cards and boardgame shop. It started as an online business and later expanded with a physical store which had a room where customers could play cards and boardgames.

Throughout his poker pro years, Jorryt never lost his entrepreneurial spirit. Even now he owns two small businesses - a poker site (where he also posts PLO coaching videos), Nederpoker.com, and another one called Trainers.nu, intended for people looking for a personal trainer. Van Hoof has also developed a new passion - Quantified Self, which basically consists in gaining self-knowledge and improving one’s performance and well-being through the use of self-tracking tools.

Jorryt's way up to the most prestigious final table in poker started back in 2003. Some of the regular MtG customers in his shop invited him to join a game of poker.  Jorryt got lucky and was hooked for good. He started playing 50 euro tournaments in a local casino and soon decided to take up poker full-time.

He made a name for himself online as the player who ‘cleaned out’ Justin Bonomo, which is how his famous screenname TheCleaner11 was born. In the past two years, Jorryt van Hoof has mainly been playing PLO cash games online. His poker career and business projects took him to Dublin for about a year and then to Malta where he lived until his recent move back to the Netherlands.

His first recorded tournament cash is from the @Aviation Club de France and the 2005 Paris Open of Poker - a 4th place in a NLHE tournament that paid $5,962

His biggest cash before 2014 dates back to the 2006 Master Classic of Poker when he finished 7th for $67,790  after being the chip leader for 3 days.

Jorryt van Hoof has scored three ITM finishes in 2007 and 2008 WSOP events, most notably, a deep run in a $1,500 NLHE event where he finished 67th out of 3151 entrants.

As he shared in this interview, it was in 2007 that he first tried PLO, which was later to become his specialty. In fact, he has played little else in the past two years. His decision to go to Vegas for the WSOP in 2014 was a last-minute one and he only arrived the day before the Main Event. Jorryt even missed the first level on Day 1:

I actually missed the first level of Day 1 because I thought I had a day off. After doing my morning routine: yoga, meditation and a healthy breakfast, I was about to head to the swimming pool for a relaxing day but then I read in a poker magazine that I was supposed to be playing.
A few years ago this mistake would have tilted me, but I was able to stay calm and relaxed about it. In fact, I was pretty happy about it because I was able to play in a relaxed mode thanks to my morning routine. (nutblocker.com)

The 'relaxed mode' seemed to work well all the way to Day 7 as Jorryt van Hoof finished as the chip leader. When sports betting companies released the odds to win, he unsurprisingly proved to be a 3-to-1 favorite.

As several other November Niners, Van Hoof made an appearance at the first EPT 11 stop in Barcelona and in October 2014, made it to Number 19 in the EPT 11 London leaderboard. The Dutch November Niner attained two final tablesin London: in Event 43 where he finished 3rd for $43,217 and the 10K High Roller, where he got to 8th place and $79,364.

It was recently announced that Van Hoof has signed on as an ambassador of the @Master Classics of Poker - the most reputed Dutch poker tournament. The dates have now been pushed back to November 21-29 to accommodate the WSOP final table and the event will take place at the @Holland Casino Amsterdam. 

Jorryt van Hoof will be celebrating his 32nd birthday on November 15. It is sure to be the party of a lifetime if he wins the Main Event, November 10-11 :)


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