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Here's why I love poker. What's YOUR reason?

Watch the Ultimate Poker video below if you need some inspiration and share your answer with the RankingHero community! 

I'll try not to be shy and start first :)

Annie RKH love-of-poker tags: empowering, control, anticipation, thrill, addictive

I seem to be hooked on poker for many conflicting (and equally addictive) reasons but here are the top few that spring to consciousness:

The positive reason: The empowering feeling I get when I successfully exercise self-control (skill!) at the poker table ('if I can do this, I can do anything'). 

The 'dangerous' reasons: the stronger enjoyment of process & anticipation vs. reality & results; the relief of handing over all responsibility - and thrill of occasionally giving oneself up - to chance  ('anything is possible').


Are you in a a Love/Hate relationship to poker yourself? Or is it a compulsive/obsessive one :) What are YOUR reasons for getting hooked on the game?.. Thank you for sharing your own love vows to poker with your fellow Ranking Heroes!