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The Poker Movie Quiz Cheat Sheet, Question 2


Who Does What When Bluffing? Match each of the following tells with a movie or TV character!

A. taps side of glass when holding a bad hand

B. when bluffing, always uses the word ‘bluff’

C. flicks teeth or holds breath when bluffing

D. splits an Oreo cookie but does not eat it if bluffing

Clue: You will find the right answers among the characters featured in the image below: Annabelle Bransford, Maverick; Gabrielle, Desperate Housewives; Teddy KGB, Rounders, Barney, How I Met Your Mother!


Post your answers with the hashtag #RKHquiz! Each submitted answer earns 1 point, each correct answer - 5 points!

Earn bonus points by finding other film and TV characters with revealing poker tells (don't forget to include links backing your claim)!