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The Aussie Millions Swap Controversy

My husband and I celebrated our wedding at a London casino and some years later, pregnant with my third baby, I had my waters break in another casino a few thousand miles away :)

So as a poker-playing mom of three I can only sympathize with @Katrina Sheary and welcome as a nice gesture the TD's decision to let her husband @Peter Sheary replace her in the tournament after the birth of their baby between Day 1C and Day 2 of the Aussie Millions Event 1.

The story is like a modern-day episode of the popular British TV drama Call the Midwife, only the Aussie Millions 'called the TD' instead :) It has been widely reported and heatedly discussed ever since, often without a proper account of the facts:

According to Poker News Lve Reporting and PokerTube, Katrina entered the event on the third starting day and got through Day 1c with 38,500 chips. She duly went into labor AFTER the chips had been bagged for the night and gave birth to a healthy baby boy. The Tournament Director was informed on Day 1d and decided to allow Peter Sheary to take his wife's place (and chips) on Day 2. Peter survived the bubble and finished 25th for AUD 6,495.

Most importantly in light of the ensuing controversy, the decision was in perfect compliance with the following Aussie Millions rule:

At the discretion of the Tournament Director, an entrant in a particular Tournament (or Satellite) may nominate a substitute, provided the person nominated as the substitute has not already entered the Tournament (or Satellite).

And since the husband was NOT Phil Ivey and the tournament in question was neither a high-roller with super high stakes nor a prestigious triple crown event, I raise no objections in this particular case.

However, the practice remains questionable on principle and the valid question is, should there be such a rule at all? Can you think of other situations where it might be justly applied? And if you  kindly stretch your imagination, perhaps even a situation involving Phil Ivey as the substitute?.. 

Where do YOU draw the line?



And of course, congratulations to all the happy poker-playing parents of newborns out there!!! Dare we hope for a comment by our proud new dad @Pedro Canali :) ?..