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The Best Wisecracks on Esfandiari's PCA Main Event Disqualification

Whether you're amused or outraged by Antonio Esfandiari's 'breach of etiquette' during the PCA Main Event, you will surely appreciate the creative burst of humor it inspired in poker conversations on the world wide web! 


For those who haven't been following the news from Paradise Island, @Antonio Esfandiari and @William Perkins entered into a prop bet (amount undisclosed) that obliged Antonio to lunge everywhere for 48 hrs instead of walking. Driven to exhaustion, yet dead-set on winning the bet, at one point Esfandiari just couldn't make it to the bathroom and peed in a cup at (under:) his tournament table. This may have won him the prop bet but got him disqualified from the PCA Main Event. Antonio has since apologized publicly for making a bad judgement call and takes solace in the fact that he's only human but keeps on growing and learning.





So which one is your favorite comment - "He's relieved" or "Wow, he must be pissed"?..  While waiting for your own funny one-liners, guess I can only say...

Boys and girls, ONLY do this at home!

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I think that what he did was also a kinda prop bet., but still it makes no sense and is totally disrespectful..

Quite insane :)