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How would YOU have played this hand from the WSOP final table?

Here on RankingHero, we have utmost admiraton and respect for @Pierre Neuville - 'The Serial PokerStars Qualifier' and most senior member of the November Nine! Though he dropped out in 7th place (one of the six finalists eliminated by the eventual champion @Joseph McKeehen) he is sure to inspire many (and certainly not just seniors!) with his performance, drive, and love for the game!

Pierre was eliminated holding AcJc in an all-in against Joe McKeehen's Jh6h. Ironically, earlier on he held the exact same AJs in a confrontaton with @Joshua Beckley and ended up folding the best hand.

Was it a #GoldfishFold?  Would YOU have played it differently? Where do you think Neuville went wrong?

It would be great to get some insights from our in-house expert pros @Pedro Canali @Nicolas Levi or @Renaud Desferet ? And maybe a comment from @Mark Duguid - Pierre was your favorite to win, Mark, what do you do you think of his performance and his play in this particular hand?


Pierre Neuville Joins 2015 November Nine 4th in Chips but 1st by Seniority, Experience and Winnings - Ranking HeroHe’s got almost 3 decades in the games industry, a passion for competitive tennis and golf, and a successful poker career: games of all kinds are a recurrent theme throughout Pierre Neuville’s life, which reads like a novel and is likely  to end up on the big screen one day. For now he  will have to content himself with the biggest stage in poker - the 2015 November Nine!www.rankinghero.com

In first situation i calling,in second AJ all in to late. But calling J6 was insane

I would play the same way, fold in the first situation and all in the second, bad luck