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My Rivalry Themed Dream Final Table

Guess as far as I’m concerned, any ladies-only line-up would make a dream final table :) And with the endless possibilities, I really find it hard to choose just 8 without a leitmotif… So I’ve picked the theme of

RIVALRY (ideological, dynastical, and last but not least, romantic :)

Will my chosen ladies battle for malta or battle for power, lovers, and ideas?.. Can’t wait to see in my next dream :)

This #BOMFT line-up promises an exciting clash of wills and personalities and should keep my guests busy and distracted enough for me to pick up some easy pots and last a little longer than my modest poker skills allow.. Just in case, I might swap action with Elizabeth and Margaret, have a feeling they’ll be playing heads-up in the end ;)

Who do you think is the likely winner at this table?


Road to Malta - Mission 4: Your Dream Final Table! - Ranking Hero www.rankinghero.com