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Samantha Abernathy Bio and Poker Profile

She’s got the looks of a Royal Flush Girl and the poker tournament record of a world champion. The 23-year-old graphic designer & photographer made her official debut in poker rankings last year and finished 2014 on the very top, scoring more in-the-money finishes, final tables, and 1st places than any other woman on the planet! In February 2015 @Samantha Abernathy won her biggest cash to date and almost doubled her career earnings.

About Samantha

@Samantha Abernathy was born on May 11, 1991 in Atlanta, Georgia.

She studied Design at Savannah College of Art and Design.

She later lived in Chicago where she worked as a freelance graphic designer, photographer, and illustrator.

In 2014, Samantha moved to Las Vegas.

Discover her portfolio here (note the poker-chip inspired kitchen measurements infographic :)



Samantha Abernathy’s first cash on record is dated January 3, 2014, when she finished 129th and won $1,600 in a $160 buy-in tournament at the @Bicycle Casino.

Less than 3 months later, she scored her first 1st place for $690.


By then Samantha was playing regularly at @Caesars Palace and had an amazing series of 6 consecutive wins in April alone.


The 'belissima & bravissima' Samantha drew the attention of Italian media as the protege of @Flaminio Malaguti, Vegas based Italian businessman and poker player, and a world poker record holder himself.


"This year I'd like to begin my focus with the daily DeepStacks just as Flaminio did last year when he won the DeepStack player of the year and the seat to the main event. I saw the interview you did with him after the trophy ceremony on youtube and it inspired me to strive for the same achievement," (Gioconews interview, May 27 2014)






Samantha with her poker mentor, after they finished first and second in a @Caesars Palace event. 


On June 1, 2014 Samantha Abernathy played her first ever WSOP bracelet event. And though she did not score, this summer she added 6 ITM finishes in the @Rio WSOP Deepstacks to her resume.

By the end of 2014, Samantha Abernathy had $36,220 in total earnings from 39 ITM finishes, of which 28 final tables and 14 first places!

She thus finished the year as the top player in the United States 2014 ranking by 1st places

Samantha also topped the worldwide women's rankings for 2014 by ITM, by final tables, and 1st places!

2015 promises even greater things. With her $25,000 cash as the runner-up in Event 35, Deepstack Extravaganza @The Venetian Las Vegas, Samantha Abernathy is moving up to the major league of poker and we wish her lots of continued success! 

Player profile&stats: http://www.rankinghero.com/samantha.abernathy

Samantha Abernathy - Poker index and results of Samantha AbernathyDiscover and follow Samantha Abernathy on the poker social network: United States and international ranking, results, tournaments, blog, pictures and endorsements. www.rankinghero.com

Photos: https://instagram.com/samabernathyy/?modal=true


Samantha Abernathy (@samabernathyy) • Instagram photos and videosSee Instagram photos and videos from Samantha Abernathy (@samabernathyy)instagram.com

Introducing Samantha Abernathy - U.S. Number One by 1st Place&Final Table Finishes - Ranking Hero@Samantha Abernathy is a 23-year-old American freelance designer and poker player of amazing beauty, with an even more amazing tournament record in 2014. Her earliest recorded ITM finish is from January of the current year and since then she has won 10 tournaments, made 19 final tables, and collected a total of 29 cashes!!! As a result, Samantha now tops the U.S. 2014 ranking by final tables AND by 1st place finishes! With her fantastic looks, we feel pretty sure she will soon take by storm another type of ranking as well - the hottest player lists that all poker media and fans love so much ;)www.rankinghero.com

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She has talent, for sure. Nice to see a woman perform like this.