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Action Hero Mission Round 4

Your #ActionHero mission: make the right decisions!

We are revealing step by step a real hand from 2008 EPT Sanremo. After each of our Mystery Hero’s moves, it will be up to you to choose the best course of action.

Sanremo 2008. It’s the end of Day 1 and the blinds are at 75/150. You are at your starting stack of 15,000 chips. Everyone passes to you on the button. The players in the blinds are two Italians - big-time gamblers, but hard to read.

Your starting hand: K♦ 3♥ . You decide to raise to 300 and the small blind, with a stack of 11,000, calls. The pot is now 750.

The Flop is Q♠ 9♥ 3♦, villain checks.

Hero bets 400.

Opponent snap calls.

The Turn is 6♥, half-hearted check by villain.

Round 3:

Hero bets 700.

The Italian takes his time, appears to hesitate, and is giving you glaring looks. Then he curtly calls.

The River is 10♠. Villain snap checks and is staring you down.

Mystery Hero's move in Round 3: bet 1300.

Round 4:

Mystery Hero bets 1300.

The Italian immediately announces a raise to 3500. His leg is fidgeting under the table and he's avoiding your eyes.

Hand recreated on pokerhandreplays.com - available now in the editor for sharing your hands on RankingHero!


TWO questions for you in this final round:

1. What hand are you putting him on at this point?

2. What's your move?

Post your answers in the comments below this post by Thursday, Dec 18th, 11:00 UK time! On Friday our Hero will be here to recap the hand, reveal his/her identity, and reward the best answers!

Click HERE to score an additional point by guessing the identity of our Mystery Hero and Judge! 

im putting him on AK OFF i snap shove over the top all in really fast

snap fold it...we have tryed to have the pot.... other wise if wanna go allin or call what u espect he have? AK/AJ any tribet flat call all way until rasie without any point? i believe he can easy have 99 from the flop and pot control all hand to close up with a raise , as well i supposed from flop he want to trap us, if not have 99 maybe have KJ nuts or KQ topi pair  with good kicker... or Q9 ...hesitation on turn was cause thinkin if we run for dat flush draw maybe and to make a good theatre false tell to improve our braveness nad make us betting. i Fold. we have tryed. No way.

I can see us being behind here. Could be bluffing, but im thinking He's got a lucky KJ hand, or maybe even an unlikely flush. Either way, I don't like our hand much so I'm outta here! 

Totaly fold


I am putting him on trip 10's and he is hoping you didn't hit the flush. 2 choices shove or fold.

1. We don't have to put him on any specific holdings, the fact is that he reraised our 3rd barrell so we are beat 9 times out of 10 and because his a bit crazy, his never passing anything anyway if we ship. It doesn't matter if he's got it or not this particular time. In the long run, anything apart from folding is not optimal.

2. I don't care wheter his leg is fidgeting or whatever :) He could have been calling 999 claiming to have a heart attack, my K3o here is gone quicker than a cheesy poof in the hands of Eric Cartman :)

Once again we start with villains range before we bet the river which is- TT-66,33,ATs-A9s,A6s,K9s+,Q7s+,J8s+,T8s+,98s,ATo-A9o,A6o,K9o+,Q9o+,J9o+,T9o then take away the hands that have enough showdown value and dont need to turn their hand into a bluff.

That leaves us with TT-66,33,A9s,A6s,KJs,K9s,QTs-Q9s,J9s-J8s,T9s,98s,A9o,A6o,KJo,K9o,QTo-Q9o,J9o,T9o that either could turn the hand into a bluff or has a hand that could c/r the river for value.

The thing here is that we cant even beat any of the range that turns itself into a bluff which means the only way we could win this would be to B3B the river and raise his c/r(i dont believe this line has any pure bluffs in it)

That puts 113 hand combos in his river c/r and even if we was to re-raise again i think 53 combos call TT-99,66,33,KJs,QTs-Q9s,J8s,T9s,KJo,QTo-Q9o,T9o so he calls 47% which would mean we would have to make it a ridiculous size which we just arent deep enough to do. So to conclude we cant call, we cant raise so we have to fold.

As far as the questions go

1)The most likely hands for this play are hands that hit the turn or the river so- TT,66,KJs,QTs,J8s,T9s,KJo,QTo,T9o. I dont think a bluff would take this line as we can check behind soo much and he has had 3 chances.

2) There is no other move in my opinion other than fold.


See how it played out while waiting for our Mystery Hero to reveal himself and hand out the prizes :)