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Action Hero Mission Round 3: The River

Your #ActionHero mission: make the right decisions!

We are revealing step by step a real hand from 2008 EPT Sanremo. After each of our Mystery Hero’s moves, it will be up to you to choose the best course of action.

Sanremo 2008. It’s the end of Day 1 and the blinds are at 75/150. You are at your starting stack of 15,000 chips. Everyone passes to you on the button. The players in the blinds are two Italians - big-time gamblers, but hard to read.

Your starting hand: K♦ 3♥. You decide to raise to 300 and the small blind, with a stack of 11,000, calls. The pot is now 750.

The Flop is Q♠ 9♥ 3♦, villain checks.

Hero bets 400.

Opponent snap calls.

The Turn is 6♥, half-hearted check by villain.

Hand recreated on pokerhandreplays.com - available now in the editor for sharing your hands on RankingHero!

Mystery Hero's move in Round 2: bet 700

Round 3:

Hero bets 700.

The Italian takes his time, appears to hesitate, and is giving you glaring looks. Then he curtly calls.

The River is 10♠. Villain snap checks and is staring you down.

Pot is 2,950. It’s your turn, what’s your play?

Post your answers in the comments below before Wednesday, Dec 17th, 11:00 GMT, when our Hero’s next move will be revealed!

Click HERE for mission schedule and prizes!


i definitevely check and not put any chips more on that board, is very little range of hand we can win Vs... so if i follow the 400 bet flop and 700 bet  turn is time to shoot a 3rd barrel maybe pot or overpotting to close hand and make him foldin the 9 or a low kicker Q... but is really big risk, if oppo hand was J10 had found the 10 we can win only if he had AJ otherwise KJ is Nuts... we have 0 chances and with check probably loose hand.anyway i not invest in a donky bluff 20% of my stack. it's wrong but i check.

Do a doble bet, bluff like crazy ! I will try to push him really much..

First check, than follow Vilain.

Check & answer the bets

The fact that he is acting this way MIGHT represent weakness or MIGHT as well represent strenght. It depends on our previous observations of this particular player.
Without any previous info, trying to get a read is still just a guessing game we should avoid.
Was he acting like that before and was weak? Or was he giving reverse fake tells before in a similar way while being strong?
It would be nice to bet big and make him pass based on a read, but unfortunately we do not have enough information from the history of his previous plays to use this tell out of the blue as a main reason to bluff i'm afraid.

I check behind.

Check..I just want goodies

all in an sit back an smile



Once again we start with his range of cards. If we go by my previous post and adjust the range for his call.

His range was- TT-22,AJs-A2s,K9s+,Q7s+,J8s+,T8s+,98s,AJo-A5o,K9o+,Q9o+,J9o+,T9o but we can now expect after our turn bet it will look like-88-77,ATs-A9s,A6s,KQs,KTs-K9s,Q7s+,J9s+,T8s+,98s,ATo-A9o,A6o,KQo,KTo-K9o,Q9o+,J9o+,T9o

Obviously nearly every draw hit the river here, i would expect most straights to bet so i have taken them along with sets out but notice all gutshots hit a pair now.

So we are losing to this range horribly. We do have to ask, what part of his range will fold to a 3rd barrell? As it stands he has 150 combos of hands in his range roughly. I would expect 6x to fold, 88+77 to fold, but thats about it since a bad villain will find a way to think your bluffing so we can fold out 24 combos or 24/150 or 16% of his range.

So if we bet here we will be called 84% in my estimation but even when we add in some random 9x hands or other trash to fold here i still expect a call over 70% of the time.

Thus we cant bet here since it doesnt achieve anything once again. So i check behind.

Our hero's move will surprise most of you again: bet 1300. Round 4 is on!

Play now :)