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Nicolas Levi Master Bluffs His Way to a Gold Bar in the Golden Cash Game

In the unanimous opinion of the commentators, @Nicolas Levi pulled off the best bluff of the evening when he found himself with 7♣ 2♣ and a golden opportunity to win the £1,000 gold bar bonus offered by Unibet in the #GoldenCashGame

Watch the hand unfold:

In an earlier highpoint for Nicolas, he moved all-in with J♦ J♠ and doubled through @Viktor "isildur1" Blom who called with 9♠ 7♠:

After 5 hours of play Nicolas Levi left the table with about £300 in winnings thanks to his gold bar bonus, which meant a 10-pound prize was to be drawn for one lucky RankingHero member! It may not be mind-boggling but comes from the heart and we feel the winner, @alanbrrtn will be able to do wonders with it :)

Special thanks once again to all of our new and old members who joined Nico's rail in the Golden Cash Game. We have lots of surprises and fun contests in store so don't stray too far from RankingHero.com ! 

Day 2 live stream on the Unibet Open YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w86MTZbH7IM#t=4262

Golden Cash Game Superstar Viktor Blom Out with Bad Beat on First Night

Gold Rush, Loads of Action, and RankingHero in the Spotlight in Golden Cash Game

a pure live bluff , he looked twice at the stack of thomas great play


Thanks :)
A little rusty at some points, but still got my Mojo !! ^^

Great play !

Wow :) Good one !

Really good :) I wanted to be there :(