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Meet the Man with Most Poker Tournament Wins in the World - Flaminio Malaguti

If you are in Vegas this summer, chances are you might meet him at the @Rio Deepstacks or @Planet Hollywood Resort and Casino Phamous Poker Series, where he is a regular. @Flaminio Malaguti is an Italian who has been living in Vegas for many years. You may not be impressed by his $344,170 in live earnings, but he has won more tournaments than anyone on record, with uninterrupted series of as many as 26 consecutive wins in 2014 and a total of 97 first place finishes!


Flaminio Malaguti with @Max Pescatori and @Todd Brunson

Nice to meet you @Flaminio Malaguti !

Thanks for this discovery Annie ;). It's always nice to discover that there are interesting poker characters that win far from the spotlights ;).

Actually, @Adrien Bacchi, our database wizard @Ina discovered this guy a long time ago! There is talk on forums that he's buying off other players at the final tables to get such an incredible number of first places but we will presume him innocent and simply admire his achievement :)

If there are rumors about how he's winning so often, it's getting even more interesting :).