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@Phil Hellmuth one of the greatest.
Who is your n1 poker pro?

@Vanessa Selbst - I love her!

I think that in terms of play, I would say @Phil Ivey 

What do you think?

Women were always out of the game, watching the boys, doing their stuff. In fact women were always out of everything, that is not "kitchen & bed".
But days are changing, women go up, becoming good politicans, writers, divas, poker pros, puting some men in the shadows.
Do you believe in social equality? Are you actually opened to women when you see them on TV or on the table? Or are you still having some old fashioned prejudices?

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I am totally for woman and men equality!

The fact that we even have to have the conversation tells us how much work there is to do. There should be far more women at the tables, in the boadrooms, in science labs, on the sports fields etc. Anybody who opposes it needs to be challenged very strongly.

I also notice that Ranking Hero suggests that I endorse you as 'Iron Man' or 'Hoodie Man'. Gender discrimination is everywhere!

Thank you all for your opinions. I am sure this question will be raised a lot in the future... and more and more women will will appear on the poker tables.

hi all, heard that u are a good poker community tolerant to women, so decided to join.

I am based in Uk, playing with my friends mainly, but im a bit addicted to poker.

Warm Hello to you! We are proud to have you on board! 
Do you want to be a pro?
Enjoy your journey here! #womenINpoker 

Thanks Ina, yep Im trying to play on the casinos schene too. Not easy though