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BoM2015: Saturday 17:20

Busto! 100 players from the money.

Standard action, open jammed UTG+2 for 44k on 2000/4000/500 with AK, called by 99, no spike for Kat!

I'm happy with how I played, just a bit gutted that I lost that pot with 1010 v A10, I think there would have been a different story!

Not loving poker today!

There is a swank you party tonight, and I'm planning on getting a bit drunk, frankly!

I'm off for a sauna, steam and spa in my hotel to cheer me up!

Thanks for reading my updates, I'll post some pics from the party later!


Unlucky Kat. I've enjoyed the updates and really hoped you'd hit the cash after such a good day one. Sounds like you've done yourself justice though.

Get pissed, have fun and savour the experience. You'll ship the next one!

A party? Not again... I'm exhausted...





great run, unlucky Kat!