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BoM2015: Saturday 00:34

Okay, I'm up far later than I intended to be, I did have a beer, but only just the one.

@Rémi Rkh and I went to Club 22 in the Portomaso Tower for the PokerListings Allin Friday Party, it was quite spectacular, not just the venue, but the view from the venue! Remi was taking a massive amount of scenic shots, he's the French version of David Bailey! (He'll post some of them on his blog.)

I think the party was just getting started, it was all very civilised, but had the underlying sense of carnage. Maria Ho was there, jigging up the crowd on the mic; she looked stunning in a figure-hugging yellow dress.

@Benny Glaser was at the party, he's such a lovely chap! I told him I was going home early due to day two tomorrow, and he implied that I was a total wuss and should get blasted (he is also playing tomorrow).
I pointed out to him that tomorrow is another day at the office for him, but it's something unusual for me! I'm really looking forward to tomorrow, and if I play like a twat because I'm hungover/tired then I'll be really annoyed with myself.

The smoking areas (there were three! Malta loves smokers!) were absolutely the best I've ever been into. Amazing views, cool lighting, comfortable seating and open sky-lights. Both Remi and I smoke, so we sat in there for a bit; it's so easy to fall in love with Malta when you see her at night, she truly sparkles!

Okay, we both look like cretins, but that really was our first and last beer!

The day's play is drawing to a close here, they're about 10 minutes off clock stop on lvl 12.
839 players registered today, and as I type this, 297 of those remain, so Day 2 will be epic!
I will post some proper numbers when I get here in the morning and get the gist of what's going down.

I'm shattered today, although actually I have not done much!
Time for Kat to curl up in her basket and get some much needed shut-eye; I've got to do Battle tomorrow!



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