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My name is Mikhail and I play poker professionally for the last 6 years. NLHE and PLO HU, up to NL1k.

The game of Poker has changed my life tremendously and allowed me to live the life I could have only dreamed of before. And for many Poker players I met out there during my travels over the last 4 years and about 10 different countries and many more online, I am sure those changes were not less significant. I hope as you reading this now you feel the same or will surely feel very soon.

For me personally the PokerWarmUp.com is in a way my own donation to her majesty Poker. For all the good changes she brought into my life.

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PokerWarmUp liked Skilful's post
5 Jun 2015
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Most simple and yet most common Technical leaks in Online Poker: #1

Based on Poker Warm Ups of almost 1,000 users in our database we decided to shed some light on the most common yet the most simple Technical Leaks in today’s Online Poker.

N1. Acting too quickly.

( Snap calling, instant checking, auto betting etc.)

Why is this wrong?  Often quick actions are influenced by emotions, not stone cold logic. You don’t give yourself a chance to analyze the current situation and make the most +EV decision. Also if it’s done unintentionally you are giving out too much information about your hand to an observant opponent. Patience is an important skill not only in Poker but in life overall.

Solution: Make a habit of clicking any button in online poker software mindfully, thought-through, taking up your time especially on later streets and bigger pots. I suggest minimum 3 seconds for pots  over 30bb and 6 seconds for pots over 50bb. How to turn that into a habit? Well, make this one of your “Short Term Goals” in your personalized PokerWarmUp. So that every time you go through your pre-session routine it pops up on the surface of you mind. And later during your session of poker diligently wait until some pot becomes big enough and you can finally take up your 3 seconds. Repetition is the key!

3 seconds rule of online poker

3 seconds rule

Another way I successfully employed over the years is to put a sticker on the frame of your display, right in front of your eyes with handwritten words “3 seconds Rule, 6 Seconds rule”.

No one is forcing you to act quickly, there is even a Time Bank for a big decision, so why not use this to your advantage and treat any decision with importance!

Keep your Game hot, Keep Warming Up!


originally posted on PokerWarmUp blog.

This software is the bomb, if you haven't tried it you should!!! it's free and a great mental game tool!

this is just what i needed without using "Evernote" or something similar....great stuff, will utilise this imediately....props dude : )