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Forget Pre: play deep and concentrate on Post   #PokerNugget #preflop.


On preflop I use three rules:

Try not to play with bad cardsPlay tight-agressive

Don't let your opponent to trick you

#PokerNugget #preflop

Another series of hand A♣A♥  <  K♣K♥ (I'm already getting tired of it) 

Private tournament Freeroll with some very aggressive players, we are now at the final table with 6 remaining players. (Level 13 (ante125 - 600/1200).


I´m the SB with 11BB the villain UTG +1 with 17BB,


My cards pair A♥A♦  Yeah!


UTG folds and villain raises all-in (21046)K♣K♥, all folds, so I call with pair A♥A♦ and BB folds. Nice pre flop 



The flop: 4♥ J♠ K♦


turn: 7♦


river: 6♦


and I:


GG for me,  at least I finished ITM, below an image of the hand:




#PokerNugget #preflop

Preflop ,none knows what the flop be dealt so i always wish to place a bet atleast to know what a flop is if the blind is not too much or the other players are playing aggressively.The best hand for preflop is said to be AA but i have always been in loss when i have AA.I rather like to have 10 K 10A JA.

The game of luck with a little of smartness to play makes a poker more interesting and sometimes as we think we are more smart enough this will be making you to bust yourself.I would suggest to stay in games with fewer chips rather than bust out.

Enjoy playing Poker.

Besitz - what it would be your poker nugget about the NUTS ?


Hmmmm K9 jammed on my AQ pfr the other day deep in a game , I thought about it and made the right call but he hit and stayed ahead then the next hand he finished me off , I had 66 and he had AQ lol

#PokerNugget #preflop

Amazing the Dutch technique on preflop, I saw in november-nine !!!

He faced the enemy face to face, without looking at the Dealer or Cards.


He made a point of looking from the front, watching any reaction and came in second.

Three things:

Intimidate the opponent, capture information, deploy your style !!!

Jorryt van Hoof, very good preflop !!!