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Mission 4 - Dream Final Table: The results!


RankingHero and Betsson Group offer you an exclusive €2,500 VIP package including:

The buy-in for the Battle of Malta Main Event

A 5-star hotel

Travel expenses

And €1,000 for “à la carte” Lifestyle package activities.



In this mission, you had to invite 8 people to join you at the Battle of Malta Main Event final table and you had complete freedom to summon anyone - from the Poker Hall of Fame and the Heroscore Top 10, through celebrities and public figures, to the pantheon of ancient heroes and rulers!


Well, dear RankingHeroes, you certainly gave the jury a VERY TOUGH time :) Here comes the final verdict:


@Mark Duguid , 21 pts: €40 (including a €2 ticket for the next SuperSat)

@Shyvatrip , 21 pts: €40 (including a €2 ticket for the next SuperSat)

@Santo Abate , 17 pts: €5

@Sean Connor , 15 pts: €5

@Jonny2192 , 15 pts: €5


We have TWO finalists sharing the first place this week - @Mark Duguid and @Shyvatrip! Both demonstrated great courage and did not hesitate to invite some of the very best poker players of all-time, both made an excellent presentation and explained their choices well.

While Mark leads slightly in likes, the jury must admit we succumbed to Andre Panto’s adorable ‘lucky charms’ who won our hearts and thus won their dad 5 extra points :)



The remaining prize pool was not any easier to share out.

Here are the finalists with most likes and the best illustrated and well argumented lists of invitees!


@Santo Abate ranks third by likes but with so many jury members at his final table we could not risk accusations of corruption and therefore denied him any extra points  The 17 pts he got through likes still earn him a €5 prize!


@Sean Connor got a bigger bonus for being brave enough to invite four of our favorite female players to his dream final table. Sweet dreams, Sean, you win €5!


@Jonny2192  shares the 4th place with 15 points and his fun final table where hopefully Captain Jack Sparrow will distract Liv Boeree, while Jessica Rabbit keeps the explosive Vinnie Jones busy, Robin Williams and Jim Carrey trade jokes and our Jonny picks up all the pots :)



Finally, congrats to the random draw winner - @Bnasp!

You win €5 in tickets!

Keep spreading the good RKH news by sharing our posts :)



Thank you all for your participation and we hope to see you equally inspired in our next - and last - #RoadtoMalta mission!

Stay tuned !


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GG !!!! 

congrats pals

#BOMFT #RoadtoMalta 


1; Me








9 Ronaldo_9


Brilliant ! 
Really excited about this game !
@Nicolas Levi , what do you say?  

#BOMFT #RoadtoMalta 

my choices of final table will be

1.Barack Obama

2.Arnold Schwarzenegger

3.Pope Francis

4.Justin Bieber

5.Iggy Azalea

6.Sofia Lovgren

7.Lady Gaga

8.Louis de Funes

9.And me.

any reason you went for these people ?

Funny,good voices,right speech,power of democracy,some reasons i have@Mark Duguid 

Justin Beiber will win !

#RoadtoMalta and #BOMFT

My dream Final table.

1: Erik Seidel - A genius in poker who has moved with the times. Won't say much but it would be a pleasure to watch him play live.

Erik Seidel - A legend and genius of poker.


2: Vicky Coren - Good player, beautiful, chatty and a brilliant spokesperson for poker. My #1 poker crush! Haha

3: Vanessa Selbst - One of the best tournament players around. Her aggressive style will make for plenty of action at the table.

4: Nathan "BlackRain79" Williams - Microstakes king. His books and articles have helped many a struggling player at the micro stakes including myself.

5: Phil Ivey - No explanation needed!

6: Jennifer Tilly - Funny, wild and will liven the table talk up. She can wear that too if she wants!!!

7: Daniel Negreanu - Another legend of poker. Great ambassador for poker. Got to invite Kid Poker.

8: Jennifer Shahade - Not only crushes poker but chess too! A great intelligent mind and I do prefer to have a few good looking female faces at my table rather than the sausage fest some others like! Haha

9: Me - Microstakes whale, regularly paying off the nuts with 3rd pair!

 GL being on that table 

haha smart guy but i guess in that table u would be paying to much attencion to your cards :P


#BOMFT #RoadtoMalta 








9. ME

all mafia

and no?

#BOMFT #RoadtoMalta

Dream Final Table


Seat 1: Stu Ungar - My favourite player of all time he was pioner and an amazing human being even though he was battleling so many demons through out his life.he is one of the biggest superstars to have immerged from the professional poker world. Besides being a true poker genius and a three time World Series of Poker champion, Stu Unger had a fascinating life story. After seven years of disappearing from the professional poker circle, Stu had returned to the WSOP. In 1997, he was broke, with damaged nostrils from cocaine abuse, addicted to horseracing and sports gambling, but still in shape to beat all the new contestants and gain back his WSOP Championship title. 


Seat 2: Phil Ivey arguably the most successfully player arround "dgen" gambler allways keeping his tables intresting with side games/bets. 5 World Series of Poker (WSOP) bracelets. Ivey was one of the youngest stars in the professional poker circuit, known for his ability to play off a 2-7 off-suit – the worst hand in poker – as if he were holding the best hand, pocket Aces. u got to love him

Seat 3 : David “The Devilfish” Ulliott 'You only win big when you risk big'. Tough, revealing and hilarious The most successful British player in poker history, and one of only a few to crack America. He takes us on the rollercoaster ride of a pro-gambler's life, never dodging the dangers, failures and fights. From a council estate in Hull to a penthouse suite in Las Vegas; from cracking safes to parties at the Playboy mansion; and, from losing $700,000 in a day to TV's Late Night Poker triumph. Devilfish has seen it all, done it all, survived defeat, tasted victory, walked through fire, and still come out cracking jokes. And over five million quid ahead. just a class of a player and amazing guy and allways straight to the point poker needs more guys like him

Seat 4: Phil Galfond an American professional poker player. Galfond won a WSOP bracelet in the $5,000 buy-in PLO with rebuys event at the 2008 WSOP. Due to his success as a high-stakes online player, he appeared on multiple seasons of GNS's High stakes poker. He is currently the owner and a trainer on poker training site Run It Once. One of the smartest guys in poker hes an inspiration  and one of the top players arround

Seat 5: Daniel Negreanu you cant have a dream final table wothout the best all arround player and the most entretaining guy in the business this guy just takes poker to a wholle new level

Seat 6: Chip Reese By all standards, Chip Reese is the greatest professional poker player of all time. He has won millions in cash games, millions in tournaments, and has played in almost every part of the world. Aside from his poker skill, Reese was loved and respected by the poker community until the day of his passing

Seat 7:  Patrik Antonius is one of the closest players that you will see compared to Phil Ivey. He is a professional in every sense of the word and he has been dominating live poker games for a while now. As far as online poker games go, he is much respected and has accumulated millions of dollars there. He is one of the more consistent players of this era and he continues to play with the best in the world

Seat 8: Jennifer Harman Although she is the only female to make it onto this dream table, she has definitely accomplished a lot in her poker career. She’s been dominating the tables ever since her early 20s and has continued this for over 10 years. She’s not afraid to play with the big boys and she plays relatively high stakes poker on a regular basis. You could argue that she is the best female professional poker player of all time.

Seat 9: Andre Panto (me) a big donk swiming with the sharks i would still put up a fight with my 2 "lucky charms" (my kids) by my side i would fight till my last "breath" :D

Let m know what u think about my choices :)

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ty Ina

great post, looking forward to following your journey over there!

thnx Gary ill be posting updates everyday :)

#BOMFT #RoadtoMalta 

Watched a lot of final tables on the telly and it looks a bit of a depressing affair.

So I have gone for people that I think will make it fun.

Seat 1:-Roger Teska. Remember seeing him totally hammered in the PCA, so will keep buying him drinks and be sure of a fun night.


Seat 2:- Jim Carrey, With his range of facial expressions I just want to see his varying poker faces, sure to be some great poker faces from him.

Seat 3:-Robin Williams as Mrs Doubtfire. This covers two aspects, it gets a lady to the table and this guy has always made me laugh.

Seat 4:-Melissa Mccarthy. A real woman who is real funny as well, best of both worlds.

Seat 5:-Vinnie Jones. Just to see his reaction when someone says but it was suited or any similar phrase that explains why they did what they did.

Seat 6:-Johnny Depp as Captain Jack Sparrow. Just from watching the films and see what Jack will do to get what he wants, lets see what antics he would do to win the game.

Seat 7:-Liv Boeree. No explanation needed.

Seat 8:-Jessica Rabbit. No chance with seat 7 so would try my luck with a cartoon hot female(you never know she might not be fussy)

Seat 9:- Me. I got all these great people together so I am not missing out on this.

Jim Carrey hoohooo, this sounds interesting. I bet on him 



this is my RH final table... I hope to win

seat 1Annie RKH Annie RKH

seat 2 Mark Duguid Mark Duguid

seat 3  Ina Rkh

seat 4Skilful Skilful

seat 5 Jonny2192 Jonny2192

seat 6 DecoGTX DecoGTX 

seat 7 Nicolas Levi Nicolas Levi

seat 8 Rémi Rkh Rémi Rkh

seat 9  Santo Abate 


I bet on seat 1 ;)

thanks for putting me on such a awesome table, gl!

My Rivalry Themed Dream Final Table

Guess as far as I’m concerned, any ladies-only line-up would make a dream final table :) And with the endless possibilities, I really find it hard to choose just 8 without a leitmotif… So I’ve picked the theme of

RIVALRY (ideological, dynastical, and last but not least, romantic :)

Will my chosen ladies battle for malta or battle for power, lovers, and ideas?.. Can’t wait to see in my next dream :)

This #BOMFT line-up promises an exciting clash of wills and personalities and should keep my guests busy and distracted enough for me to pick up some easy pots and last a little longer than my modest poker skills allow.. Just in case, I might swap action with Elizabeth and Margaret, have a feeling they’ll be playing heads-up in the end ;)

Who do you think is the likely winner at this table?


Road to Malta - Mission 4: Your Dream Final Table! - Ranking Hero www.rankinghero.com


#BOMFT #RoadtoMalta 

Dream Final Table

Seat 1 : Jason Somerville - This is an easy choice for me as every single night at 8pm UK time i tune into Jasons stream  on Twitch and learn alot from him. I think having him at my table would be outragiously amazing. I know how he plays and think even though I look up to him as a player I would be able to exploit alot of his game

Seat 2 : Uncle Daniel Negreanu again another easy choice for me. Daniel in my eyes is the greatest poker player that has ever graced the world of poker. He is an amazing player, Very friendly and always has a great attitude towards everyone he encounters.

Seat 3 : We will have Mr Antonio Esfandiari simply because the magician is a poker wizard. I have followed him and a few others since starting poker and think if I can be anything like him  I must be doing something right. He is a family man which I am too. My family are my world.

Now as they say. You can't have one without the other.

Seat 4 : Phil Laak , The Unabomber - He brings fun, Laughter and all round crazy too the table. If you can sit at a table with Phil laak for an hour and not laugh or smile. I would give you $1 Million. His crazy betting and just his attitude and love towards the game grants him a seat at my final table.

Seat 5 : Would be myself . Well it wouldn't be my dream table if I wasn't there. Now the reason I have taken seat 5 is due to the seat being in the middle of the table therefore I can see all the amazing characters around me.

Seat 6 : We have Guy Laliberte. Now I have added him to the table due to everything he has done for poker and for charity. He brought us the one drop. Where the epic AA V AA took place and a poor man lost $1m due to being 4 flushed on the river. He has pledged to donate $100m to the One Drop Foundation over the course of 25 years which is absolutely outstanding

Seat 7 : It has to be the master himself Phil Ivey. The high roller. Mr Ivey has a huge following and so he should he is one of the worlds best and can prove that over and over again.

Seat 8 : The fastest player on the planet Randy "Nanonoko" Lew. The man is an absolute genius when it comes to poker. Both online and  live. Being able to play 24+ tables. Why wouldn't you have him at your table

Seat 9 : I went for a different choice of person on this one. I went for someone who is dedicated to poker who does it simply as she loves the game. She is respected in her line of work and puts alot of effort in to make the community happy. I also choose this women as she certainly is very easy on the eyes. It's our very own Ina Ross

Thank you for reading about my dream Final Table. I hope you enjoyed reading as much as I enjoyed writing it. Please like and comment and even post your own. The more that get involved the better. Good luck all taking part.




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With such a fearful line-up, you're certainly one fearless Ranking Hero, Mark :) GL on the Road to Malta!

greaaat one
I will just do mine now

great table , and nice idea about putting yourself in the centre, very strategic! good luck!