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Hey everyone there has been a bit of gap between the last challenge session I played and getting this latest challenge up and running properly. The reason for this is that I have been waiting for the initial (100) capital to play as I wanted to ensure there was no looking back once we start, but I also did not want to make a real money deposit!

Well things have gone pretty well this week. I won 50 euros in a promotion on RankingHero, and I also won the 'double trouble' tournament on Tuesday for anyone that has lost 20 euros or more in the previous week.

I asked for my 50 euro ticket from Ranking Hero to be paid in 4nl tickets but Unibet credited me with one 50NL ticket. This was a perfect lesson in bankroll management! I was tempted with the 50nl ticket and confident in my game I took it to the tables... What do you know 20 hands later I lost with AA < KK when my aces got busted by a pair of Kings (vs someone that had already 3bet me in the previous 20 hands!) and poof that was it!

But I'm pleased in a strange way that this happened. My name is 'skilful poker' - I chose that name when I started my challenge because I wanted to try to encourage everyone to play 'skilful poker' and not gamble poker because I've realised for quite a while now that when you're playing poker you have a choice with every decision you make which one of those two routes you'll take.

So it's fitting that I lost the 50nl cash ticket. I didn't deserve to win with it, pure and simple! Make the right decisions and in the long run you'll be rewarded with the right results! :)

With 44 euros in the account right now I've decided that the time for waiting is over. No more messing about 'getting ready', waiting for the right moment. The thrust of my poker from now on is all about this challenge. So I'm starting it now and am setting out to make 12k in 6 months as of today! 20.5.2015

The move up rules are exactly the same as they were in the first post in the '12k in 6 months' part of my blog, where I set out the plan for the challenge. I'm just starting with 42 euros instead of 100. For the first 30 days my average profit target is 20 euros per day. This will mean the bankroll will be ~ 650 in 4 weeks and we'll be moving on up to NL10.

I'm off to start the first session now - Bankroll: 44.17.

I also have the 'grand final' of the Ranking Hero MTT to play tomorrow, thanks to winning the #unibet72 competition on Tuesday. Which I'm really looking forward to! Poker is going just great at the moment, and I think it's high time I got my challenge started. I'll update session results in my twitter feed and post weekly updates in my blog.

See you at 100nl in 5 months? ;)

#challenge #gogogo

#Unibet72  Are you serious?7♦2♠ ??? Its my favorite starting handok lets pretend that i call-raise with 7♦2♠(in my worst dream im not dreamed this)interesting what would be say Phill Hellmut

ye,thats right,that we should not play this hand,but any way, thanks god im not play with Phil,so lets make the moves,my opponent hasA♥K♥flop comes with Q♥J♥7♣ pretty one a my opponent raise,Im call,river comes with 7♥my opponent reaction

and he start read my mind,that a sneaky cards i have,but he is got nothing,because im singing in my mind you are allways on my mind,you are allways on my mindyou should know this song,any way,opponent push all in,im call and start pray for the one last outand guess what? River comes with7♠wow lucky lucky bustard,so the board was like win in casino or bingo Q♥J♥and i was happy like a



Nice story" "he start read my mind,that a sneaky cards i have" I laughed at this! ;)


I am big blind and my opponent small blind, my opponent called, I think it has nothing and I bluff and bet half of my stack, he raises with AA and kept only 1 chip, having I put most of my stack go all in and he is infinite joy suffered heart attack and can not collarIt goes to sit out and win everything!!!

I love this game

 GL :)


A tale of 7♥ and 2♣.

Bankroll to 0, what to do. Slots are not the way to go.

Oh Dear

Its the end of March and a new promo catches my eye.

Unibet Promo

A little bit of chat, a little bit of streaming what can be easier to rebuild that roll.

Then one day my hero arrives Mr. Unibetpoker, He says well done Jonny2192 you have won viewer.
50e is the prize, and soon I decide, Glasgows my dream, 25x2e Unibet open sattelites is the way to go.


Somedays are up, somedays are down but in the end I play the 250e sattelite and in the end Glasgow is my prize.

UO 250

Now I am here.


The final table appear after nearly 3 days of a blur.(Its a bit cold sitting on the center spot,glad its not)

What happened

Somehow I make it to the last two.

80% of the chips sit in my pile.

Young cocky kid in a hoody says "lets play for it all 1st takes both prizes"
How can I say no, The deal is done. One winner, 2nd goes home broke.

Young Hoodie

(sure these poker kids are getting younger)

Oh no what have I done, were all even hes bullying me out of my stack.


No more I say, His next 3 bet I am all in.

Pesky Kids

Then it comes, he raises it high to 105k.
I dont look at my cards, I say the dreaded words "All In"

He removes his hoody and slips on his headphones and goes in to stare down mode.

Stare Down


No tells from me I dont know what I have.

I use my patented poker face just in case.

Poker Face


The stare continues

Long Stare

My nerves are going, I must look.

First card I see oh no a 7♥

Second card I see oh my god what have I done its a 2♣

I try to stay calm, but I feel a bead of sweat appear then it falls on my cards.


He lets out a mighty yell "I call, bluffer"


I want to cry, I consider some plans, Is there a way out.

We turn our cards,8♥ 8♣ he shows.7♥ 2♣ I show.

A snigger from the audience appears.


How emabarressed I feel. I feel like a right chimp.


Then the flop appears. 7♠  2♠..... a glimmer of hope, joy returns.

Glimmer Of Hope

Then oh no the  8♦, All hope gone.

I stand to leave,I just cannt bear it, head bowed low what have I done.

Cant Bear It

Then comes the turn the 2♦, a full house but not good enough.

I turn my back I cant look, my dreams shattered with one crazy move.

"dealing river" Anounces the dealer.

A gasp emits for the crowd.


I turn round and there it is in a ray of light the2♥.


Young poker kid bursts in to tears.


I am just stunned.


A nice new trophy to remind me of my daft play for ever.


Thank you twitch and thank you Unibet its time for a nice long break. I will back again to try again in Cannes.


The moral of this story pokers a game of skill but sometimes you cant beat a bit of luck.

And oh yeah look at your cards it helps.




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Thanks Skil, you should recognise the beginning because that bits true, I remember us sharing a twitch win.

Been up to 50e just need to win the 250e then the package now .

Damn, how many different feelings in few seconds :D Gongrats man :) Wish you luck :)

Thank you, Normal night of poker 300 different feelings 

Thanks Jolekze for the vote and all the other guys from twitch, real life and here.


This is a story I wrote about winning the Unibet Open with 72 for the RankingHero Unibet competition. ;)


 I found out about Glasgow the Unibet Open was on.

So I booked me a coach from London all the way in. Took me a window seat and kicked back for the ride. 

I was gazing out the window looking at cows when all of a sudden there’s smoke and BANG! The engine has died. 

I explain to these guys about poker and a dream about my ‘one time’ and just what this means.

"Don’t worry yourself! we’ll get there", they say. "Quick to the back" the driver exclaims.  

Push and push that's what we did. Every one of them awesome people, but it just wouldn't budge.


Not to be stopped. I take to my feet. There’s nothing ‘genna keep me from those 'Irn Bru' laden streets. 

I’m tired, I’m flat, but here at last. I’m starving hungry my stamina won't last.

I walk into town and see this old guy just standing around. 

He calls out to me. "Hey you, I've been waiting, yes you...", "over here" he shouts.

I walk up to him, he says he knows who I am the story of my journey is all over the town.

He invites me in to this roadside cafe. "Fill up" he says. "You'll need your strength." 

Then he tells me a crazy story about a seven and deuce about a dream he’s had, that it's up to me, and how I can't lose. 

“Just play the seven and play the deuce, do it and you can't lose”

Seven and deuce? You gotta be mad. I finish my coffee and make for the town.

3 days later and the final table swings around. I'm parched, I need a drink.

"Hey waitress!" I cry.

Jumping up, what a fool I am... I knock all my chips they’re all over the place.

What do you mean? A ruling was made? 

The whole table calls, except one, the chip leader, she hasn't lost a hand. 

I stack every single one of them and LAUGH OUT LOUD! 

It’s me and her now we’re heads-up and it's being streamed on twitch.

I don’t know what to do, she's better than me. I feel like a fish.

I look down at my cards and he comes flooding back. 

His smile his certainty those words crystal clear  – “just play the seven and deuce do it and you can't lose”.

What’s going on ? How can I even be thinking this? "All in" I whisper, I can't beleive it. Collapsing into the chair. 

"What was that", she says? "All in” I reply.

She looks at me strangely and then says "I call", she tables “JJ” and says – "come on - show all?"

I flip over my cards and she can’t believe her eyes. She smiles and laughs she gives me a high five...

Then I see him. Shuffling out from the crowd.

That guy from the cafe, turns out he's been here since the first round.  

I recognise him now, how could I not have before?

Suddenly I’m confident I know this is won. I toast her my drink. Yes! I know it's already done.

77722 runs out the board. I turn to my side and look him in the eyes, "I’ve done it. I’ve won!".

If you’ve watched an old WSOP you’ll remember his smile, they thought he was a fool but he slowplayed them all.

He's good with a 7 :)

Thank you Jack!

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Thanks @palabrapoker for liking and feedback about my blog, appreciated! 

thank you, and thanks to everyone that clicked like as you kept me in the competition and I won! So will be playing the grand final on Thursday

Queen of Poker


It was one of the most stupid things I did, bud suddenly it turned out to be one of the most amazing things that happened to me !

Well... Heads-up with a famous pro.
I was really stressed and was hardly trying to hide my scare.
All game, I didn't do any bluffing, I was only playing safe..
But I once decided to take the risk..

I knew that having 7♥2♥ isn't the best case when you do a bluff in a heads-up with a famous pro.

Sure, than my opponent raised the pot, which took half of my chips. I obviously should have prayed to the Poker Gods, not the ordinary God.
Anyway, pot came - > 8♥Q♥A♠

And my face was like..

Than I raised, I didn't think for a second, just put all in.
And this time.. I knew to who to pray to!!

next to 8♥Q♥A♠ comes a K♥
Believe me if I had more chips, I would have put them, too all-in!!!
Bottom line was 6♣!
My opponent was holding 2♠2♣ and said to me that he was so sure that my bluff won't take me to the win, but yesss it did!!!

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#girlspower #gogogo you are my favourite 

Random use of Bilzerian approved!

#Unibet72 #unibet 

Final Table

My cards ???


7 2, I Think !!!

I think, my oponent has to lose this !!!
I keep thinking, thinking, thinking ...

My opponent gave up and walked away !!!

I won !!! !!! !!! !!! !!!

look, as was my cards, so much thinking !!! hihihihi



And here we are.
Biggest tournament I have played, heads-up, and against such a nice girl.
Absolutely equal stacks, she has just 1/2 of BB extra.

Telling to myself, be cool, be cool, keep and eye contact (EYE contact) and dont forget to look at the cards also from time to time.

First hand of heads-up, must be monster, must be monster, monster please.


 Oh sh.... But never mind, Im king of table today, I can win with anything. No matter she is raising preflop. So best action is some nasty 3-bet, to show her who's the masta here. And that 4-bet will not scare me at all.

So, lets call and use my super edge on postflop play.
Take a chip a put it on cards, you need to protect such super hand.


Hmm, its a gutshot. Let's bluf, get the pot by representing some nice flush and keep a gutshot as backup. Boom, she raise all in. Damm, no bluff today. Let fold.

I take that chip of the cards, my fingers are sweating a lot. It slips, Im trying to catch it in the air, but instead I push it even more and it flies into middle of table.

As online player Im not sure what it means, its big chip, did I lost it? I want my chip back.

WHAT, wTH, WTF, OMG what does that mean? Single chip means call? Nooooooooooooo.
Im going to be biggest looser in history of poker, I should tatoo "ATM" on my forehead for rest of my life.
But maybe she was bluffing even more then I did. I still have that gutshot and flush draw. Lets see.


My equity is overhelming 0% (well 0.1%).


And now, god is even teasing me, by raising my equity to superior 2%.

Yes, Im going to quit my job and go pro, because all that before was my strategy and I saw that coming.

Im winner, Im winner, WHAT, she still has 1 small blind left?
Why should we even continue, I will just push ATC from now on. Nothing can happen to me, because Im the king.


To be continued....


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 hah ncie very nice !

#gogo @Bnasp you need more likes to enter the Top 5 :) Come on...just 5 more friends :)

That's the last mission, the winner of the Leaderboard will go and play at Unibet Open Glasgow A♣A♥

THinking about participating to the Unibet mission but lacking inspiration... sorry I'm not super creative #Unibet72