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Yesterday I reached the first "station" of my poker career. I'm a fan of Omaha and Razz and played these games in the last 1 year on Coral. After 50,000 hand my results are not too bad. My net profit is GBP 1274 and I got a 28% ROI.


So I decided to buy myself some presents:

I have a new Mont Blanc wallet and an English dictionary which can make me better (I hope I'll have enough intrepidity to learn).


Next time I'd like to post my new car or a vacuum cleaner (as You can see I need that).

received yesterday RH

later sew my backpack 

Cute a? Not me,the patch

 Yeah! :)))) Thanks for the picture Emty :)))) #PatchRKH 


Well played, Arnaud Schnorfeil! Your 5th place finish in the 200€ NLHE Freezeout Turbo BigStack event on May 23, 2015 at Cercle Clichy Montmartre added 600€ to your total earnings!
Track your performance and keep it up!

 J'espère que tu gardes le #PatchRKH près de toi :)))

oui je le mets a chaque tournois :)

Partagez vos #screenshotscampok !
Rendez-vous sur l’application Campok et cliquez sur lier mes comptes.

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Je l'ai gagné ce tournois, certainement l'effet du Patch 

eeet hop j'ajoute le hashtag #PatchRKH 

:) Merci Elena :)


After the widely appreciated #PatchRKH a new set of cool goodies is coming...
Soon some of you will have the chance to get exclusive #CardsRKH  !!!
High quality plastic coated cards, created by @Max Guiot & @Catarina Leal  under the supervision of @Nicolas Levi !
With beautiful glossy boxes !


RankingHero Cards Goodies

@Pedro Canali @Bruno Vanryb @Bruno Fitoussi @Olivier Douce @Manuel Bevand @Nicolas Levi @Lucille Cailly @Guillaume De La Gorce @Renaud Desferet you'll get some very soon ;).

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Hâte de le recevoir ce magnifique jeu de cartes RKH


Congratulations to Paulo Rodrigues for finishing 6th and earning $21,160 in the $1370 NLHE Unibet Open London tournament!

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Annie will be in touch. Did you buy in directly or through Unibet Satellite if you don't mind me asking?

Congratulations Paulo !!!


Top Notch Poker Entertainment Live from Aspers Today

Poker fans have their afternoon booked as the Unibet Golden Cash Game will be streaming live from @Aspers Casino - Westfield Stratford City starting at 16h30 (UK time) today, with commentary from @Nicolas Levi (who will himself join the action on Day 2). 

Winner with highest net profits odds: 25.00

The Golden Cash Games are scheduled to run for three days (Nov 24-26) to celebrate the 30th edition of Unibet Open. The £5/10 cash game (minimum buy-in is £1,000 with no maximum and unlimited reloads) promises some great poker entertainment with a line-up of sports stars and top poker pros, including footballer @Teddy Sheringham, Finnish ice-hockey star Esa Tikkanen, sports bettor and poker pro @Neil Channing and the superstar @Viktor "isildur1" Blom

Winner with highest net profits odds: 30.00

A special YouTube live stream on the Unibet channel will allow fans to follow the action with a 30-minute delay:

Monday 24th November: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ahIABz3vN2E

Tuesday 25th November: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w86MTZbH7I

Wednesday 26th November: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VAtnxO2yV8I

You only have a few hours to bet on the action in the Unibet Golden Cash Games! Options range from the player or nationality with highest net profit to winner of most gold bars from the 72 bonus (any player who wins and shows down 72 will be awarded £1,000 in gold bars). Check the odds and place your bets before 16h00 today on the Unibet sports betting page!



RKH: Award Winning Producers of Unibet Open Present Golden Cash Games Starring Viktor Blom

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GL to all participants :) 

Et voici le #PatchRKH en Angleterre :))))))

@Nicolas Levi great man..it was great ;)

DSO San Remo Day 2 avec @Roger Tondeur et @Bruno Vanryb. J ai 100k, moyenne 104k. Merci apo et Alex pour cette structure de rêve. 

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 that's poker

standart ou optimiste ?