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November Nine Moments: Jorryt van Hoof Sets Trap with Flopped Set

The Dutch #NovemberNiner and newly appointed ambassador for @Master Classics of Poker will start the WSOP 2014 Main Event final table as the chip leader and 3-to-1 favorite to win. 


Watch @Jorryt Van Hoof in this Day 6 #PokerHand as he checks with his flopped set and ends up eliminating @Scott Mahin in 18th place:

#NovemberNine #PokerHand #WSOP2014 

2014 November Niner Jorryt van Hoof Bio and Poker Profile

3 to 1 favorite to win, yeah !

And here it's Van Hoof who's holding the pocket 10's :

November Nine Moments: Three Finalists in Contention for a Pot on Day 6

On Day 6 of the WSOP 2014 Main Event, with about 40 remaining, as many as four players who would eventually make the November Nine found themselves at the same table: @William Tonking @Felix Vincent Stephensen @Andoni Larrabe Sanchez and @William Pappaconstantinou, aka Billy Pappas.

Here is a foretaste of what is to come on November 10! Watch Billy Pappas steal a pot from Larrabe after the Norwegian #NovemberNiner Felix Stephenson prudently withdraws from the contention:

Watch and share more great poker moments on RankingHero with the #PokerHand tag!

 #NovemberNine #WSOP2014 

2014 November Niner Andoni Larrabe Bio and Poker Profile

Norway's First November Niner Felix Stephensen Bio & Poker Profile

2014 November Niner Billy Pappas Bio and Poker Profile