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Weekly RankingHero Highlights

We've added more portraits to our #RKHbio gallery! This week, with 2014 November Niners Billy Pappas, Daniel Sindelar, and chess Grandmaster and PokerStars Mind Sports Ambassador Jennifer Shahade!

Today, September 28th, is a big day for #HappyBirthdaysOnRKH. Congratulations to @Davidi Kitai (great day to pay homage to his genius and recall this #PokerHand and  crazy call he made in WSOP 2014), to @William Pappaconstantinou aka Billy Pappas, @Jamie Kerstetter, and @Christophe Ducrot! May your RankingHero results pages swell with juicy cashes in the coming year :)

In other news, we took a look at the WPT Monster Invitational - David Williams Defeats Five Monsters of Poker Amidst Refreshing Camaraderie and Great Fun, and the Unibet Open Cannes.

Warm welcome to @Patrick Muleta @Derek Maughan @Edward Liu @Iheb Bouajaja and all of our new members!

Congratulations to the winners of the past week - @Nicolas Le Floch @Arnaud Peyroles @Ellie Biessek @Michael Cadet @Dimitri Paillarguelo @Cesar Ferreira and many, many other members who cashed in tournaments all over the real and online world of poker!

The #screenshotcampok gallery is also growing fast and even our own co-founder and ambassador @Nicolas Levi has contributed  :)

Special thanks to all of you who post, share and like on RankingHero and on our Facebook page@VinzZ-BlitzZ  @arnaudco @MyPokerPal @janluk1554 @Gene O'Leary and all the other active members of our community!

Yours truly,

@Annie RKH 


Happy Birthday Jennifer Tilly!

To celebrate the birthday of @Jennifer Tillywe invite you to read her bio and poker profile on RKH and to watch some of poker's biggest names - @Sam Trickett, Jungleman @Daniel Cates, and @Luke Schwartz - fall prey to her signature 'sexy, crazy, loose' look & style : 

Jennifer Tilly makes creative bluff against Luke Schwartz


Jennifer Tilly outplays Jungleman Daniel Cates on paired flop

Jennifer Tilly outplays Sam Trickett on wet board


#PokerHand  #womenINpoker #HappyBirthdaysOnRKH 

Jennifer Tilly Bio and Poker Profile

Wishing MadMarvin Rettenmaier 'the Time of his Life' and Lots of MAD Wins! Happy Birthday :)

Team PartyPoker's @Marvin Rettenmaier is one of the best-liked pros in poker and a famous party animal so he'll probably celebrate his 28th birthday in style! Best-known for his unique poker achievement - the back-to-back WPT titles in 2012, MadMarvin is also mad about music and always ready to take out his guitar for a song. Happy Birthday, Marvin and we wish you lots of MAD wins in the coming year of your life! 

France Poker Series champion Marvin Rettenmaier and EPT San Remo winner @Liv Boeree do The Time of My Life at Touch Music Karaoke, Barcelona:


Watch Marvin's roller-coaster heads-up battle with @Phillippe Ktorza at the WPT World Championship@Bellagio in 2012:


PokerNews August, 2012 The Rise And Rise Of Marvin Rettenmaier; Back-To-Back World Poker Tour Champion

Forever Young KidPoker and the Poker Brat Celebrate 40th and 50th Anniversaries

The July poker birthday chart is truly star-studded - @Vanessa Selbst @Liv Boeree (see our article under the #HappyBirthdaysOnRKH hashtag!)  @George Danzer (July 17th) and @Luca Moschitta (July 31st) to name a few. Yet even against that stellar line-up, two names shine brighter than the others:  @Daniel Negreanu (who turned 40 on July 26th) and @Phil Hellmuth (who celebrated his 50th birthday on July 16th)! Between them, the two Big Boys of poker have won $48,139,783 over their combined 44 years in live tournament poker!

Daniel partied in @Dan Bilzerian style and newly 50-year-old Hellmuth was recently all over the poker media as a giant poker-playing baby. Is it mid-life crisis, growing old with a vengeance or 'aging like a fine wine' :)..


Daniel Negreanu on Top of the World

Phil Hellmuth Shines Among Top 10 Players by All-Time Combined WSOP Earnings



Famous July Birthdays: What's Written in the Cards for Vanessa Selbst and Liv Boeree

Both @Vanessa Selbst and @Liv Boeree were in Vegas this summer and both celebrated their 30th birthdays with friends, many of whom equally famous poker stars, as you can see from the party snapshots below :) It's never too late for heartfelt best wishes, so we wish them loads of good runs in their 30s and more time for great side projects and charitable causes:  #FILMTHEPOLICE (Vanessa) and Raising for Effective Giving (Liv)!

Vanessa Selbst, July 9th 1984

What's written in the cards

The 52 cards of a deck of playing cards neatly correspond to the 52 weeks of a year. The 12 court cards (Kings, Queens, and Jacks) symbolize the 12 months of the year. The 2 colors (red and black) represent the positive/masculine energies (black) and the negative/feminine (red) energies.

The 4 suits of playing cards represent the 4 seasons, and the 4 elements in astrology:

Hearts - Water - Spring
Clubs - Fire - Summer
Diamonds - Earth - Fall
Spades - Air - Winter


Vanessa's birth day card : 6♦ 



Liv Boeree, July 18, 1984

What's written in the cards

Liv's birth day card: 10♣ 

The 52 cards of a deck of playing cards neatly correspond to the 52 weeks of a year. The 12 court cards (Kings, Queens, and Jacks) symbolize the 12 months of the year. The 2 colors (red and black) represent the positive/masculine energies (black) and the negative/feminine (red) energies.

The 4 suits of playing cards represent the 4 seasons, and the 4 elements in astrology:

Hearts  -  Water - Spring
Clubs - Fire - Summer
Diamonds - Earth - Fall
Spades - Air - Winter


#womenINpoker #HappyBirthdaysOnRKH 

Three Women Who Inspired Us in WSOP 2014

The Cover Girls of Poker - Liv Boeree

 And if you're curious about your own birth card, check out the Playing Cards Birthday Chart

5 Comments Display all

mine is 7♣ ! "People belonging to the Clubs suit believe in the power of intentions and ideas"  Thanks, Annie ! :)

Turns out I'm 9♦ and since Nines and Diamonds are totally opposed, guess the chart nailed my contradictory inner self ;) 

Mine shows only true information, but I will keep it in a secret 

Happy Birthday Fabian Quoss!

A very happy birthday and lucky year to @Fabian Quoss and congratulations on topping the Germany 6-month Earnings Ranking!


The #GermanPoker community is a formidable force on the world live poker scene and the most successful one in Europe in terms of live earnings. Fabian has long been right up there with the likes of @Tobias Reinkemeier @Philipp Gruissem and @Ole Schemion but in the past 6 months he has shot up to the very top, with $2,405,791, bringing his total live earnings to $5,559,355. 

The just turned 32-year-old Fabian was born in Nuremberg, Germany and lives in London. He started playing live events as a student in Germany and one of his finest poker achievements and a major cash of $427,912 dates back to 2009, when a bracelet was within his hand's reach and he finished second in a $5,000 buy-in event at 2009 WSOP.

The next career highlight came in 2010 when Fabian won the English Poker Open triumphing over a field of 193 players - “I’ve finally won a tournament! It’s my fourth heads up and I’ve lost the first three. The final table had a pretty high level of play, even compared to my WPT final table. It was pretty tough.”

In the year 2013 - that Fabian has called 'unlucky' because he didn't win a title - he made FOUR final tables. Then a title and two important cashes in 2014 alone nearly doubled up his career winnings: the 2014 PCA High-Roller Event victory and the 5th place in the Aussie Millions $250,000 Boutique Challenge.

"I feel that, after 2013, when luck wasn’t on my side, I kind of deserve it. In 2014 things will be different.”

And so they are indeed - GG and GL, Fabian :)



Happy birthday and Gl, Fabian!!! :) 

Happy Birthday to Sofia Lovgren!

@Sofia Lovgren grew up in a house by the sea near Gothenburg, Sweden, with two brothers and a sister. She first learned about online poker from her brothers when she was 16 and by the time she finished high-school she had been successful enough to convince her parents it was worth trying it full-time.


In 2008 she discovered the innovative poker room PKR (back in 2006 PKR was the first to introduce 3-D graphics and customizable, interactive avatars), opened an account with $50 under the screen name ‘welllbet’ and has been there ever since!

“I used strict bankroll management, put in a lot of hours and after another year, I had $60,000 in my bankroll. This was encouraging and I decided to try playing poker full time after finishing high school. After another year grinding mid-stake cash games, PKR contacted me and I was given the opportunity to be a Team Pro in 2010.”

At the age of 20, Sofia became the first woman to join the PKR Team and has been a very dedicated, model ambassador ever since, attentive to her fans, generous with interviews, regularly posting on her blog and in social media. The PKR sponsorship has allowed her to go into live play and travel the world. Sofia still considers mid-stakes multi-tabling online her ‘bread-and-butter’ but she has an impressive live tournament record and about $140,000 in live winnings since 2010.

Don’t be fooled by her frail, elf-like grace and innocence :)

“..people sometimes underestimate me at the tables since I’m a young girl. Some guys may think it’s very easy to steal my blinds and try to bluff and run over me. This is a big advantage since in the end I often trap them and take all their money. It’s also much easier for me to do a big bluff because they usually don’t expect me to do that. They usually fold and say, nice hand.”

At 24 (as of today!), Sofia splits her time between Sweden and Malta, where she recently moved with her boyfriend and fellow poker pro Luca Moschitta. Last year they were both nominated for most promising young player in the PokerListings awards. 'I'm happy Luca won it, it was best for domestic peace ;),' Sofia said in a PokerFaceNews interview. Well, we are sure it will be best for 'domestic peace' if Luca has arranged some special - and unpeaceful - celebration for tonight! 


 More on RankingHero:

#womenINpoker #HappyBirthdaysOnRKH